Nevada Sex Crimes

The National District Attorneys Association has put out a report that lists twenty Nevada Sex Crimes against children under the age of 18. Although many other states have similar or same laws on sex crimes against children, the rates and severity in Nevada are truly astonishing. Statistically speaking however, these are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Nevada Sex Crimes against children. This article will attempt to go into detail and list all the known Nevada Sex Crimes against children, as well as their punishments.

The “Rape Cell” is the term used for the prison wing of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. This wing houses the most violent criminals against children in the state of Nevada. If you are an adult charged with a Sex Crime against Children in Nevada, you will be booked into this unit. If you are convicted, you face sentences which can include one to thirty years in prison. These are the absolute worst crime charges that are handed down by the district attorney’s office.

“Rape inducing drugs” is a common name given to Hydrocodone, a.k.a. OxyContin, Percodan and Codeine. These are illegal prescriptions that are specifically used to render illegal sexual intercourse and to treat pain during childbirth. If one knowingly administers a drug to a minor in order to engage in sexual intercourse, then one faces a Crime Against Children.

“Raping and trafficking children through force, intimidation, and promises of love” is also one category of Nevada sex-offender crimes. This crime is defined as a crime against a minor who is brought to another location for the purpose of having sex, regardless of whether the adults are married or not. Those who commit this crime can face up to 20 years in prison. Those who have committed this crime should receive intensive counseling, since this is a serious crime.

“Raping a child with consent of the victim or a person known to cause harm to the child” is another type of Nevada sex offense. The punishment for this crime is significantly shorter than the sentences given to other crimes. This crime involves the carnal knowledge of a child, and not actual sexual contact. This means that the perpetrator does not have to commit an act of intercourse for the crime to be valid. Those who rape children for sexual purposes do so with the express consent of the child’s victim.

In addition to the above-mentioned laws, Nevada Sex Offenders Registry contains information about all registered sex offenders within the state. The state police also maintains a list of these offenders. You can visit the website of the Department of Nevada in order to find out more about the different types of crimes that you and your family may have to face. If you need help, there are several online guides available to assist you.

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