A Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Hannah Baxter, an aspiring young college graduate, has no idea how to keep a secret diary of a call girl – she’s only just realized she is a virgin after she and her friend have been thrown out of a club. But when she’s invited to a stag weekend, it’s clear that she is about to find herself thrown into the deep end of a very wild lifestyle.

Hannah, whose real identity is protected by her father’s position as an MP, is in for a surprise when Belle reveals to her that she has a secret identity as well. But with Belle’s relationship with an important businessman complicated by his daughter, and their lives being constantly threatened, it’s difficult for Hannah to deal with the fact that she’s suddenly been thrust into a world of danger and intrigue.

When Belle meets her new client for the first time, she’s more than ready to accept the offer of helping Hannah fulfill her dreams of freedom, wealth, and success. But the pressure of being both a stripper and a secret agent makes it impossible for Hannah to keep her true identity hidden while in the company of a powerful man. When her cover is blown, and she starts to realize just what kind of people she really deals with on a daily basis, she’s forced to face the truth – but the price of that honesty may be more than she bargained for.

As Hannah prepares to embark on her first job as a call girls, she’ll have to cope with the pressure of her work, her growing feelings for a handsome man (played by John Noble), and the pressures of balancing her personal life with the work at hand. And even though she’s now got a loving boyfriend who she shares her secret feelings for, her growing closeness with Belle is slowly destroying her chance of a normal, loving relationship with him.

It seems as if Hannah is doomed to spend her life running between two worlds. As her father tries to help her sort out her career, her family tries to help her through her love life and her burgeoning relationship with Belle, and her friends try to help her out of her secret life, Hannah must learn how to deal with all of these different aspects of her life and not forget who she is as a person.

Although it’s unlikely that this story will become a blockbuster movie like Taken or Casino Royale, Hidden Diary of a Call Girl has all the elements necessary for a successful thriller. If you’re looking for a sexy, suspenseful, honest book that’s a little bit outside the box, this one has it.

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