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Dirty City

I’ve been something of a Steve Winwood freak for many years.
Probably has something to do with his use of the Prophet-V synthesizer from my dinosaur days.
(I had one as well. Go HERE to YouTube. The instrument doing that neat solo line is a Pro-V)
Winwood has maintained something of a clean career far away from the major spotlight and sounds as good
today as he did years ago with Traffic, Spencer Davis Group and Blind Faith.
His newest album called “Nine Lives” is simply amazing.
Maybe it’s because the man has taken care of himself.
Winwood plays Hammond B-3 and guitar (with some help from E. Clapton)
I am just so damn impressed by this man that still keeps on creating after all these years.
Had to let you guys know about this incredible album.
Please check it out and check out the video above
‘Dirty City’ is a gritty and intensely memorable song to listen to.
That’s all I got for today but if I can turn one person onto this incredible musician,
the post will have done its job.

later folks,

ps. I would have posted the actual video but embedding was disabled. :0(
If you’d rather watch that CLICK HERE
I actually like this better and it’s only 4 minutes versus 8
Your call.

For Evyl

This is in response to a comment from a post a few days ago.
Actually, his comment reminded me of this tune, hence the post.
All for Evyl . . .


Someone mentioned this video yesterday and I found it online tonight.
Got several things to say.

#1 – This guy (aka “rapping artist”) has his name right by definition but he spelled it wrong.
#2 – I’ve seen steaming piles of horseshit that have more poetic prowess than this gasbag.
#3 – “Relevant” just doesn’t quite rhyme with “President”, IMHO. Sorry, Luda
#4 – You even irritate Obama. (go figure)
#5 “So you get off your ass black people, it’s time to get out and vote!” – Ludacris

You be the judge.

Got one thing to say to Ludicris;

End of story.
I rest my case.
The moral of the post?
Get Ray and Stevie to give you political musical props.
You’ll do much better in the long run.
This is pretty funny too . . .


If you’ve ever wondered just what the hell Joe Cocker is saying, look no further.
Watch the video and learn.
Met Cocker years ago when I was playing in a band called “The Underground Balloon Corps”.
Interesting man, to say the very least.
As was the “Balloon Corps”
The sax player went on to a Tina Turner gig.
Haven’t heard from him since.
Damn, Joe sings great on this tune.
Shredded throat, ala carte
Good call, Butch  😉

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