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Malarky Monday 25.1

Malarky Monday is HERE!




You know the drill by now.
Watch, read, listen and [hopefully] LAUGH!
Visit the above links after your visit here and be sure to have some
paper towels to wipe off your computer monitor.

I originally intended to go all political this week but have decided against it.
I’m not wussing out, I just hate listening to a certain faction of people whine incessantly
about the small stuff, okay?
That said, here are some pics that had me howling at the mOOn, so to speak.
Happy Malarky Monday peeples!!!
Be sure to click on the linx above after your visit here.
Danke . . .

Hopefully, you’ve heard or seen Chris Farley,
the motivational speaker

from Saturday Night Live.
Saw this and busted two guts . . .

This geographical phenomenon has always bugged me as well.

My God, I hated my 8th grade English teacher.
She had legs that belonged on a Grand piano and no tits whatsoever.
No wonder I never got a hankering for Raymond Carver.
Thanks for nothing, Nancy . . .

Last but not least, I am chillin’ out
wit my gnomies . . .

Happy Malarky Monday!!!!



Positive Thinkers have Twelve Qualities in Common

  • They have confidence in themselves
  • They have a very strong sense of purpose
  • They never have excuses for not doing something
  • They always try their hardest for perfection
  • They never consider the idea of failing
  • They work extremely hard towards their goals
  • They know who they are
  • They understand their weaknesses as well as their strong points
  • They can accept and benefit from criticism
  • They know when to defend what they are doing
  • They are creative
  • They are not afraid to be a little different in finding
    innovative solutions that will enable them to achieve their dreams

*by Susan Polis Schutz

For Sarah, Jenna and Hannah
* hope you read this ladies . . .


It was August of 2005 when I wrote this post.
Since then my life has flown by me at a rate faster than a hummingbird’s wings in flight.
Labor Day weekend I’ll be moving in not one, but two daughters into college.
This will be Sarah’s senior year while Jenna will be a freshman.
Both of them are excited for a variety of reasons, though there’s a slight bit of trepidation on Jenna’s part, with butterflies of the unknown creating havoc on her nerves.

Sarah has been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt (and the socks, and the sweatpants, and the coffee mugs, and the baseball hats).
It’s a year she’s worked incredibly hard to get to and it’s one that will undoubtedly be emotional when it comes to an end. Pamela and I consider most of her friends extended family.
For Jenna, this is new territory. I can tell she’s excited though as she watches her pile of stuff growing in the living room next to Bob.
My life is once again undergoing a significant change as the “soundtrack” of our house changes.
There’s nothing I’m trying to figure out here and no tears to wipe (yet) but I wanted to put a timestamp on this time in my life.
Even if I could slow it down, I probably wouldn’t.
That would be like locking the door on two precious lives thirsting for self-discovery, knowledge and ultimately their independent happiness.
I could never do that.
Maybe I just wanted to write how much I already miss the both of them.
The kitchen door just won’t be opening and closing as much.
Laundry will be lighter.
Dirty water bottles in the sink will be virtually non-existent.
The two thousand pairs of sneakers and sandals that now litter the first floor will be rendered invisible.
I want to think that life will get simpler but it won’t.
And that’s okay because I know in my heart that they’ll be okay.
And I’ll use the bathroom whenever I want to.
Anyway you look at it, I’m going to miss them.
As I always do.
I figure it won’t be long until I write a post that starts,
“It was August of 2008 when I wrote this . . . ”
In the meantime, life will go on,
and our old backdoor will remain forever open . . .

Ride of your life

Tomorrow is a very special day for a very special girl of mine, my silent girl.
The years have flown past me in such a way that I can’t believe she’s graduating.
Jenna is, in many ways, a different (female) version of me; she’s creative, intelligent, funny, effervescent and absolutely brilliant in so many ways.
On this graduation day, Pamela and I just wanted to let her know how very special she is to us.
Sometimes, I don’t think she believes us.

*Do right, Jenna.
To truly succeed in life, just do right.
Your mother and I are so very proud of you and your many accomplishments. (we almost lost count)
Be safe, be well and I’m praying you like the video, you little Supernatural freakshow (us, too!)
As the title says, have the ‘ride of your life’
Lord knows, you’ve earned it.

love you, always

M&D . . .

ps. one more from Dad

Financial Aid?


The average cost per school year at a private college is a whopping $45,000.
Owwwwww . . .
Talk about a comic strip rooted in reality.
My thanks to Grimm for the wonderful previous post.
My hope is that you’ll drop by and say ‘hi’ every now and then.
Thanks for all the great comments as well.
I still find myself laughing when I think of the term
“mattress monkey” . . .


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