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Dreams Redux*

I’ve listened to Robert Glasper for many years. (hip hop, jazz, r&b, rap)
This tune caught my eye/ears for many reasons.
Reharmonization and arrangement, piano (obviously)
Reeves is amazing with her vocal.
Put on some decent phones and LISTEN.
And come see me play this with my duo, NightCap. (with Lisa Wilson Brumby)
It’s going to be a musically unforgettable experience.

I always cry at Christmas

I have followed Richard Page for almost his entire career.
From ‘Pages’ and ‘Mr. Mister’ to all the background vocals he’s done over the years.
Who is Richard Page?
You have heard him before.
Trust me.
Click here.
Click here.
Click here.

An amazing musician that never got the recognition I think he truly deserved.
Such is the fickle nature of the music business.
Please enjoy his holiday offering.
The deeper message of this song far surpasses all the 70% off Xmas sales at ‘Walmart’ and ‘Macy’s’
This is yuletide warmth, cubed.
And yeah, I always cry at Christmas . . .


Positive Thinkers have Twelve Qualities in Common

  • They have confidence in themselves
  • They have a very strong sense of purpose
  • They never have excuses for not doing something
  • They always try their hardest for perfection
  • They never consider the idea of failing
  • They work extremely hard towards their goals
  • They know who they are
  • They understand their weaknesses as well as their strong points
  • They can accept and benefit from criticism
  • They know when to defend what they are doing
  • They are creative
  • They are not afraid to be a little different in finding
    innovative solutions that will enable them to achieve their dreams

*by Susan Polis Schutz

For Sarah, Jenna and Hannah
* hope you read this ladies . . .

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