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I am thankful for:

Pamela, Sarah, Jenna, Hannah, Jonathan and Aaron,
Hedy and George,
my sister Maureen, Billy, Caitlin and Ryan.
Friends (too numerous to mention here. I am blessed)
Great food (turkey, cheeseburgers, crockpot, BBQ, steak, anything that swims, chicken, pork roast, and on and on)
Blue skies
Pipe tobacco
Miles, Coltrane, Parker, Sample, Ray Charles, Leon Russell, Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Marc Jordan, Steve Khan, Tom Scott, Take 6
Chick Corea, Bill Evans, Chopin, Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, Joplin and on and on
NH, and mountains, maple syrup and Zeb’s
Australia, snags, pull-a-parts, meatpies, Bundy, the Southern Cross, grilled venison in Stick’s Mancave, chinese croc, Pavlova
Didgeridoos and bullwhistles
Moe, Mark, Tash, Stick, Stella, Max, Issac, Will, Kel, Ant, Zoe, Mel, Steve, Caleb, Lucas, Taylor, Jack and all our Aussie family
the Pats, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics and the NE Revolution
Harrison’s Roast Beef
Wright’s Chicken Farm
Ronnie’s on a sunny summer day
The College of the Holy Cross
Assumption College
Bryant University
Everyday that I am alive
my own music and the knowledge that it came from somewhere high above
Church on Sunday and another chance to do good
every day that I wake up
my Guardian Angel (she’s always busy)
My list could/should go on but I will stop here.
Please leave me one thing that you are thankful for.
That would be nice.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
I will be away from FB for the next few days because I will be cooking.
Much peace to all.


  1. I am thankful for my friends, the Murphy family….Pam, Michael, Hannah, Sarah, Jenna……and family. I’m blessed to be Hannah’s godmother! Your girls are amazing! Thanks for your friendship and being there with kind words when I needed them!

    I thank you so much for commenting, Lynn.
    We are blessed to have you in our lives as well!
    Hope your T-Day was awesome!

  2. That is quite the list! Aaron? (Have I missed your post about Aaron? 😉 )
    Grilled venison at Stick’s – not many people would list venison among their ‘favorites;’ but my late brother in law grilled the best venison – it was delicious, always part of our Thanksgiving, and is being missed.
    ‘Another chance to do good’ – I’m very thankful for that. My family, of course. They are the best part of my life.

    But like Lynn, thank YOU for putting your thoughts out here like you do. Putting words to emotions as so many of us can’t. <3

    Thanks, Lolly!
    Aaron is Jenna’s boyfriend and we smoke cigars and pipes together on my deck.
    The venison I speak of was eaten in Australia at a little place called, ‘Stick’s Mancave’.
    Pamela loved it too!
    I hope your T-Day was perfect and I thank you for still reading my sparse postings.
    Look for a few before Christmas!
    Take good care.

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