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How Facebook makes me feel

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Not anymore . . .
Done for now.



  1. Hi Michael,

    I went on Facebook, this morning, and realized I couldn’t see anything from you, any longer. Very sad to say the least. :( I always looked forward to seeing what was going on with you – and the way you said things straight from your heart. Just wanted you to know that I hope THE BEST for you and your family! You will be dearly missed!

    LB (thanks to YOU)!!!

    I will be back eventually.
    Sometimes FB drives me insane and I just need a time out!
    Thanks so much for thinking of me!

  2. Did you de-activate your account? Just this evening, I logged in to FB and saw that one of my friends was not showing up. I don’t know what happened. At first, I thought maybe I had been ‘unfriended’ but his account has been deactivated. It’s kinda like he died. A Facebook death. I’ll miss him. I can certainly understand someone needing a break from it.

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