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Kiss the Bride

I realized a short time ago that my life has changed dramatically in the past five to ten years.
I’ve changed as well.
I’m more grey (and I’ve earned every single one), still trying to lose some baby fat,
no longer gigging for a living or playing much music for that matter which is a bit sad.
I still tinker away at some Scott Joplin rags that I always wanted to play but my thoughts these days always turn back to writing.
The Alzheimer drama of years ago will remain embedded in my soul but my life is following a new set of coordinates these days.
I have much to look forward to in my life;
My firstborn is getting married in less than a year,
I have a future son-in-law that is a kindred spirit,
and I have thoughts and dreams of grandchildren on a daily/nightly basis.
It’s time for my blog to change and start to chronicle all the wonderful things that have transpired.
It was one year ago tomorrow that Jonathan (Sarah’s fiancé) took me to lunch at Sam Lagrassa’s in Boston.
We had a very nice lunch and enough time to walk around Downtown Crossing for a bit before I had to go back to work.
As we were walking . . .

Jon: I have something I wanted to ask you.
Me: Okay. What’s up? [I knew it was coming]
Jon: I want to marry Sarah and I’m asking for your blessing, and Pam’s.
Me: *stopping to shake his hand*
You have it.
(what I said in my head was “you had my blessing a year ago.”)

He called Pamela at work and got the same response.
Who asks for an approval of marriage these days?
The guy that’s marrying my daughter, that’s who.
My heart was very happy that day knowing that my daughter had found her true love.
Maybe love found her, I don’t know.
But I am now slated to be a ‘Father of the Bride’.
And I’ve been told that I can’t cry when I walk her down the aisle.
We have a problem.
I’ve also learned that eggplant is a colour as well as a vegetable.
God help me.
Wedding dresses and anything associated with them, eludes me right now.
I am a guy.
All I want is some really cool Cole Haan shoes.
And a nice grey flannel suit.
Maybe some cool socks.
And I am good.

to be continued . . .  {promise}


*and as far as growing older, I now use a 14 size font when I write!


  1. Congratulations seem so small. Yet you have them. There is peace in your writing. One can live a lifetime and not see it. I am proud of you Mikey. God bless!

    Thanks so much, bud.
    You’re a special one, Butch.

  2. ~m…

    This post brought tears to my eyes for a number of reasons (some I’m sure are very obvious).
    1. You have such a special gift for being able to put the most beautiful thoughts and feelings into words.
    2. I can’t tell you how much it touches my heart to hear someone other than me speak of my son the way you do.
    3. It just reinforces my thanks to God for bringing such an amazing family into my son’s and my family’s life.
    4. If I could write like you….this would all make so much more sense.

    October 13, 2013 is going to be a day when no one can tell us we cannot shed tears. Tears of joy for the amazing gift God has given us by joining our families and tears of sadness for the loss of our babies…
    Tears of hope for their happiness, their love to last forever, and most of all…beautiful, healthy grandchildren.

    Thank you for sharing my son with the world! He truly is an amazing young man. But most of all, thank you for bringing Sarah into this world. They truly are a match made in Heaven!

    Love, Deb

    I thank you so much for this comment.
    Things of the heart resonate with me.
    This IS one of those things . . .

  3. I’m happy for you all!

    Thanks, Lolly!
    And thank you so much for the visit!

  4. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m shedding tears right now!!!

    Awwwww . . . didn’t want to make you cry, L
    Just a post catching folks up on my life is all.
    Bittersweet? I guess a bit. 😉
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
    I’d hand you a Kleenex if you were here . . .

  5. Howdy! I see what you mean about starting to chronicle how much your life has changed. I’ll have to keep going back through the archives to read more.

    It’s really great that your daughter found someone who makes her happy and it’s even better that she has a father there to support her.

    The moment I won’t forget was when my Dad popped his head around the corner as I stood anxious in my white dress on my own wedding day. We walked, arm in arm, down the hallway and he paused to say, “And you know, I thought I would be able to keep it together.”

    It was a sweet moment, and your daughter will cherish it forever on her own day.

  6. Write ups like this one are the reasons I visit your site.

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