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I have a 20+ pound turkey thawing in the fridge,
5lbs. of potatoes waiting to be cooked and mashed,
4lbs. of squash patiently waiting for some sweet spices and butter,
2lbs of turnip, Yams for a slamming Sweet potato casserole,
bread and cornbread stuffing to be made, fresh cranberries crying for sugar
and a hungry family that will be with me this Thursday afternoon to eat, drink and be merry.
Pamela is making Pecan, Apple and Chocolate Cream pies tomorrow morning.
I have an amazing HD TV to watch the Pats and the Jets play on Thursday night.
All is going as planned and I suddenly realize I am really blessed.
Almost severely blessed.
I will be cooking for most of the day tomorrow making this place where we live smell like home for my daughters, my wife, my neighbors.
With temps in the 50’s I will definitely have my kitchen door wide open.
I have so much but also know that some have so very little.
Thanksgiving has never been a holiday that I have ever taken for granted because I know that can change in a heartbeat.
With all that in mind, I wish the same blessings for all of you that are reading this.
Whether you are near or far, I wish you the peace of a beautiful holiday.
Somewhere amidst the chaos of a Thanksgiving dinner table,
I pray you find warmth, solace, laughter and love from all things that surround you.
To you, my friends.
But beware the tryptophan . . .



  1. Well said michael. I’m grateful for you

    Right back atcha, kiddo.
    Love ya, Suz.

  2. I can’t wait for dinner on Thursday! I look forward to cooking and baking….starting tomorrow. :) Love the post! I’m thankful for you, Pam and your family. You’re all very special to me! Happy Thanksgiving! Sending hugs!!!

    Hoping you have a great day as well, Lynn.
    Our love to John and the kids!

  3. Well said Mike :) You are also blessed with the ability to bring words to life, and paint a beautiful picture with those words. It sounds as though your day will be spectacular! Enjoy every minute of it, its well earned my brother…..

    Awww…. Squig.
    You made my day with this comment, buddy.
    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.
    See you at the shop one of these days!

  4. Perfectly said, my friend!!! Your story made me think back to when I was younger and my Grandmother used to cook Thanksgiving dinner!!! You could smell all that Thanksgiving love the minute you drove into her drive!!! Enjoy your day – Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

    Thanks so much for dropping by, LB
    Hoping your Turkey Day was awesome!

  5. Love your post…..came upon you through Stumbleupon. So very true.
    A Happy and healthy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    Thanks so much, T.
    Please stop by again!

  6. I’m looking for the ‘Like’ button…:)

    You rock, babe.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving… may your blessings shine forever

    You are an inspirational beacon for many.
    Thanks for lighting up my shore.

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