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Month: May 2012

Little Lambs


I have been enthralled with Marc Jordan for the past few months.
If you read me on Facebook you will understand.
Don’t know what it is but this guy  and his lyrics speak to me in a way that no other artist has.
His words are almost impossible to find online so I am reduced to translating them by listening.
My daughter Jenna helped me with this one tonight.
I find truth in Jordan’s lyrics and they almost parallel my life in so many ways.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to relate to an artist.
This guy brings me straight to ground zero. Amen.
It’s funny that Jordan has no idea as to how much he has influenced my music and views on life.
Born in Brooklyn but lives in Canada.
Go figger.
If any of you know Marc Jordan, please send him my cell number.
I have some questions about lyrics.
This video is a bit deep. but if you truly know me, you’ll get it.
I’m still a lamb with0ut a home . . .

On the highway, blinding snow
an hour north of Montreal
all night long the bells were still
children rocking in their cells
Tell me that your love is true and I will give my heart to you
Jesus don’t leave me alone, a little lamb without a home.

Down the hallways, like a fire
priests would come drunk with desire
in the silent night I cried, for the things that they denied and said
say your Rosary for me, get back down upon your knee.
Jesus left you all alone, a little lamb without a home

So, I dreamed of sailing ships and families out on Sunday trips
pillows for our heads of eiderdown . . .

Don’t forget to say a prayer
Pray that you belong somewhere
Jesus left me all alone, a little lamb without a home.

Father Roy sets in his chair, cups his hands and says his prayer
but tonight his tears fall down like rain, oh . . . .
let the walls come falling down
let the flood cover this town

Jesus leaves us all alone,
little lambs
without a home,
little lambs without a home . . .

For Jenna

baby, life, the future, G-day


My child
do not forget my teaching.
Let your heart keep my principles. for these will give you lengthier days,
longer years of life, and greater happiness.

Let kindness and loyalty never leave you,
tie them around your neck,
write them on the tablet of your heart.

from Proverbs  3: 1-3

Congratulations my beautiful daughter.
Your mother and I are so very proud of you today and always.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
Keep the Proverbs verse as close to your heart as you are to ours.

with much love . . .



Easy Diner

food, pasta, fun, laughter, Italian

Click on the Diner picture above to achieve greatness in the kitchen!
Fabio is some kind of  awesome.
Love this guy.
Trust me, the short video is amazing . . .


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