Questions 67 & 68


There has been a question that’s been rolling around in this head of mine for ions now.
I asked ‘said’ question to a fairly close friend of mine recently and was a wee bit startled by his answer.
It was the total opposite of mine.
Know that this friend of mine is an MD and a highly intelligent individual.
I would have thought that everyone would see it my way but that is obviously not the case.
While the question is illogical, hypothetical and a virtual unfeasibility,
I found it mind-numbing nonetheless.

If you came upon a celestial tollbooth in your life where you were told:
You need to give up either your sight or your hearing, which one do you choose to lose?

My answer was almost immediate which was no shock to me and possibly of little shock to you.
So as not to sway anyone this post will be in two parts, this one being the first.
What would you choose?
Sight or Sound/Hearing?

My answer will follow next week.
If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter there will be a link there soon.
Think about it people.
Give me your best shot.
I already have my answer locked and loaded . . .


7 thoughts on “Questions 67 & 68

  1. My hearing would be gone in a shot {that I would not, of course, be able to hear!}
    I could live without hearing my children and grandchildren laugh, but go without seeing their faces till I die?
    That I couldn’t live with.
    You? I know which way you’re going!

    Interesting view.
    Thanks for at least picking one or the other.
    Many of my friends just can’t.
    Look for my post early next week.

  2. I actually refuse to really decide; however, I’ve always leaned toward the answer: lose my sight. I once read that Helen Keller said that if she could have one sense return, she’d rather it be her hearing. I would really really miss the sunsets and clouds and all the colors. But, I would really enjoy feeling up people’s faces!

    “But, I would really enjoy feeling up people’s faces!”
    Very close to the heart of the matter for me.
    Love it, Lolly!

  3. On a second, longer thought I’d like to keep my hearing. Whether I’d have the courage to choose so, remains questionable.

    (That longer thought turned into a journal entry :-) , thanks for the exercise!)

    If I made you exercise your brain, that’s a good thing.
    Another wonderful comment from a friend that gave me an answer!
    Awesome, Suz . . .

  4. I’m torn. My first thought is give up the hearing, because I’m a very visual person, I like to read, write, draw, watch, look… but something tells me communication would become quite the challenge without being able to hear. Suddenly the world would be quite a lonely place. Sure everyone would still be there, but quick and easy communication would be a thing of the past. I find it hard enough as it is to get thoughts and ideas across. Of course the thought of giving up my sight doesn’t come any easier. I would have to ponder this question long and hard, and I don’t have that kind of time or drive to focus on such a task, so I think I’ve pretty much disqualified myself from your little game or quiz. Sorry. :?

    Don’t be sorry, P. You took the time to ponder the question.
    There’s no right or wrong answer.
    It’s all a matter of perspective.
    If inspiration strikes and you come up with an answer, let me know.
    Watch for my post next week . . .

  5. i’d give up hearing. although missing music, and laughter, would be tremendous, i know that i could still FEEL music. a friend teaches music and dance to deaf students – and they feel it.

    like anonymum – seeing faces. i need that.

    Once again, a very interesting comment on so very many levels.
    I love that my friends have some serious intelligence going on.
    This is a very odd little question that makes you ask yourself some pretty intense questions.
    My answer was immediate. Oddly enough.
    Check me next week and we’ll see what you think.
    So very nice to see you, my dear . . .

  6. Spending the evening listening to Leonard Cohen and although I could just read his lyrics it is the sum of his words, voice and music that reaches much deeper.

    Although I can ‘see’ that seeing is probably more important for survival, I want more than to just survive. I don’t have a problem imagining visual beauty, but life without hearing seems to be like food without seasoning, like a kiss without love.

    Having said that, should I ever be stripped of any of my senses, I have a feeling my soul would find another way to bloom. She always does.

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