Goodbye Facebook

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With each new year there are decisions that need to be made.
And I have thought long and hard about this one.
I have decided that I am saying my final goodbye to Facebook.
It’s not that I don’t like it or have security issues regarding weirdos that follow me wanting my social security number or my sexual preference to animals vs people.
It eats such a shitload of my time that I hardly write anymore.
Facebook makes me write fluff, meaningless shit that friends will undoubtedly comment on.
And I have loved that, please don’t get me wrong.
Videos, jokes and funny pictures are great but in the scheme of things the site is killing my creative life.
I love my friends (all of you that follow me) but it’s time for me to go.
There’s stuff on the 2012 agenda that will never get done as long as I keep dragging my sorry ass on Facebook.
I felt that there should be some kind of explanation before I hit that always dreaded ‘deactivate’ button.
With Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Linkedin, I am about ready to shit a social network all by myself.
My FB deactivation should happen sometime next week.
There will be no more posts from me on Facebook after this.
Sorry . . .  {some of you may even be breathing a sigh of relief}
Anyone that is the least bit concerned about my whereabouts should bookmark my blog.
If you want to contact me, you know where I am, folks.
FaceBooking has been a real blast but it’s time for me to hit the books, so to speak.
To all my friends, know that you will always be a part of my life just not on Facebook.
Feel free to drop me a line or visit my blog when you’re surfing the web.
Writer’s write and this writer is too damn far from doing anything remotely close to writing.
Be safe, be well and be happy my friends.
Stop by and see me at Smoke and Mirrors
Until then . . .


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Facebook

  1. the “eff-book” has made my sesame street attention span far worse. not going to deactivate, but plan to spend less time there in the future. and more time reading actual books again… happy new year! looking forward to more writings from you!

    • I have decided not to deactivate as well because of all the contacts I have in my messages.
      I won’t be posting but can contact several people who are on FB.
      As far as the new year goes, let’s see what happens.
      I pray you are well . . .

  2. I took my time commenting on this because it doesn’t compute.
    Did I see it coming? Hell yes.
    Do I understand it? Not really.
    Having said that my friend, we must all do what we think is best for us, and that I do understand.
    So, now this decision is made we can expect to see some real Smoke and Mirrors posts?

  3. This week I am visiting the blogs I used to read. The reason I have so much time is that I was playing FaceBook games. I had become addicted. I quit all of them on New Year’s Eve. Then I found that I had all this time on my hands so I started blogging again. FaceBook was just sucking up all my time. I am happy to see you still blogging.

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