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happy new year!


It is currently 9:16PM here in Massachusetts.
The countdown is on as are The Three Stooges.
2011 was a year to remember for many reasons and a year to forget as well.
As I get older the passing of time seems to take on less significance than it once did.
Seems it should be the opposite but personally it’s just another year.
Another chance to get it right, another chance to possibly mess the sombitch up.
The house is warm and filled with all sorts of wonderful food and drink.
Jonathan (Sarah’s fiancee) and I just got done smoking a very nice cigar on the deck and for the moment life is good.
Hopefully 2012 will be as good as tonight seems to be.
I wish all of you peace, joy and more happiness and good fortune than your lives can reasonably handle.

For myself, I ask for the grace and peace of the One high above me;
To do more for others than I do for myself,
To smile more than frown,
To love deeply and give freely,
To find the words that move me and the music that inspires me,
and to finally give myself a break for a change.
I am too damn hard on myself.
A few sent angels would be nice as well.

So Happy New Year to you, my dear friends.
Thank you for making my life so worth living.
Here’s to another year of whatever it is that makes all of us tick . . .



  1. Happy New Year Michael !!!!
    It will be a good year full of adventure and surprises !
    And we will do some fun stuff along the way :)

    • It will be a good year because you are still standing beside me.
      I couldn’t ask for more.
      Love you, my Pamela . . .

  2. There are so many things in here that made me smile, but 2 of them were just the best.

    To smile more than frown
    and to finally give myself a break for a change.

    I’m sure the coming year will fall into place with many things good. To await a perfect year without hurdles is unrealistic I’m sure you agree.

    Happy new year to you and your beautiful family.
    I look forward to some wonderful posts and some fabulous times to be had in July!

  3. Happy New Year to You and Your Family, My Friend!!! :)

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