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3 Musketeers

On the eve of my daughter Hannah graduating High School,
I am a bit melancholy.
Maybe it’s because I know that life is going to change again for me, my wife and the girls.
Maybe it’s because my three daughters have almost all but left the ‘nest’ that was (and always will be) their home.
Maybe it’s because this event makes me realize that no matter how much I wanted to slow down the tick of the clock, slow down the lazy, hazy summers when I had all three of them to myself, pushing them on swings and endlessly enjoying the rides in the ‘StoryLand’ of their dreams, that time was not something I could ever control.
They just keep growing, like flowers in a distant and beautiful Spring meadow; a place I will always try to dream of.
I miss those days of innocence and sense of landing.
It was firm ground back then.
I had them.
They had me.
We all had home.
These days, I am a different kind of Dad that’s trying hard to answer different kinds of questions.
More complex questions than I had originally hoped for.
While my three stars are searching the galaxy for their corner of the sky, I hope and pray they find their
True North.
The world will be a better place because of them.
I just know it.
I could never ask for more than that.
Me and Pam are proud as a peacocks.
For today, leviathan congratulations to my little feisty one, Hannah. [Mark is proud]
Just know that all of you are but nebulae; stars that are just beginning to shine.
And 3 Musketeers?
My favorite candy bar . . .

love you all,


  1. congrats to all…

    you still have all that. this is an additive process. you have that and the intertwined relationships that await down the road.

  2. Well done to ALL of you…this parenting thing is very bittersweet isn’t? The more we put into the job, the more we get out of it, but the gap they leave as they venture off into the world on their own journey is bigger. Hope you guys are as proud of yourselves for the way all three of your beautiful babies have grown up and shaped the world just by being in it….if you were anything less than you, then they wouldn’t be them now would they?

  3. I too share that bittersweet feeling . I am so happy to be able to watch Hannah graduate high school today . It’s hard to believe that she is college bound in the fall. Simply amazing that the time has come for her to venture out on her own. She’s our baby.
    I know that this is just the beginning of a most exciting time in her life. She has caught up to her sisters and that age gap is now beginning to shrink. All I can say is well done to you Hannah.We are ALL so proud of you ! Love, Mom :love:

  4. The world is already a better place because of your 3 beautiful, amazing girls (women). Congrats to Hannah !!!! and to you and Pam for a job well done! Love, Deb

  5. Being a parent cannot be compared to anything else we experience in this life, and is without a doubt the most important thing we will ever do.
    You have good reason to be proud of them all.
    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree my friend.
    The examples these girls have are nothing less than extraordinary.
    I hope Hannah’s day is just perfect for her.
    Please give her our love, and know we are there in spirit as we always are for their milestones

  6. I am proud, Proud of the three of them, and Maureen is right . the apple does not fall far from the tree.Your three stars will all glow brightly for years to come and with a little bit of magic will create stars to follow them.Hannah’s day will be perfect as that is the only way you and Pam will let it be. You still have all of them but just have to share them around a bit more. It sucks but it a parent’s lot.Time does move on but it also brings new joy and happiness for you and Pam and your three stars.Well done Hanna your star shines brightly tonight and will contuine to grow bright just as your sisters do. Enjoy college and the new world it opens for you.
    Love to all

  7. Hooray for Hannah!

  8. Wow, ~m!!! I feel very blessed to have been there to share in Hannah’s special day, her high school graduation! How exciting for her and all of you!
    You have a wonderful family and should be very proud….in today’s world we never know where life will lead, but we need to be proud of our children for having a good heart, being thoughtful and standing up for themselves. Everything else is just frosting on the cake! You’re girls are all that and more! :kiss:

  9. Congrats on your grad. My son will be a senior in College this coming fall.
    I miss him already he is gone for school ,work, and girlfriend all the time.
    My joy now is the moment I here his car door slam knowing he made it safely home.
    If only for a short while till he is gone again.

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