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Maybe in another space,
another time,
another place,
another silly rhyme
we would gently collide,
in a dance of serendipitous destiny and fate;
and all that the blessed heavens could cast in our way
Falling stars, like ethereal butterflies touching our lives without us even knowing,
with whispers of ‘meant to be’,
transforming the colours of life that we once took for granted

When the tired and crimson sun sets on another distant horizon,
know that chance and coincidence are sometimes pure and beautiful random happenings . . .
meant to give our lives an oh, so deeper meaning and understanding
but for the biggest part, they give us love
from a place that’s not so mysterious after all; the heart.

Mine whispered.
And yours answered.
But that 1 click ultimately took us on a long and still unforgettable journey home . . .

for Kel



  1. Perfect! Just perfect!
    All things happen for a reason and all things are ultimately connected….

  2. Wow! Beautiful words for special friends…..wishing the best trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it and see pictures :-)

  3. Often wonder if our paths would have crossed at some stage anyway,through some other means. When I see the impact of that one click on not just my own life but so many others I think that perhaps this strange universe would have found a way anyway you know?

    All I know is, I remember sitting one day reading your blog way back when and thinking to myself – gee I’d love to sit and have a coffee with this bloke and just chat – can’t believe in the not so distant future i’ll be able to do just that.

    thanks ~m

  4. :smile: :love: :kiss:

  5. Very lovely and touching…

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