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Because they gave up their tomorrows, we can have our todays.
To all the men and women that have so unselfishly given of themselves, we offer a
prayer and a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for all that you have done for our beautiful country.
Although some of our freedoms are being compromised by a government that has too much power and might,
your courage and willingness to serve will be forever remembered.
To all the living soldiers abroad and all those who have sadly passed away, we are remembering you.
God Bless all in harms way.
Happy Memorial Day, folks.
As you’re stoking up your grills and icing the tall boys, look to the sky and say a small, “Thank you”.



  1. wonderful dedication, poignant. As always ~m thank you for being you, and reminding us of who we should be

  2. Nice Tribute Michael

  3. Thank you for remembering, ~m. Hi Pam. :)

  4. I love….because they gave up their tomorrows, we can have our todays! It’s so true! We will always remember!

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