Smoke and Mirrors

In a perfect world . . .


White houses showing iridescent blue fangs of frozen water that linger long
into the bleakness of a frosty January dusk,
that sets upon my windowpane ‘dead on arrival’
This bleak and frigid season chills me to the inner core,
the brittle bones,
the essence of my iced heart that’s adamantly out of touch with the emotional temperature of the season.

White, snow, mountains, drifts, deep thoughts of Fahrenheit and Celsius,
the twin sons of different mothers,
make the world a colder place depending on the shifting of the wind . . .

. . . chill, skid, the crunching of metal, slide, scrape, snowblow in an effort to jumpstart
an anti-freezing world that has no gloves anymore,
a world that has no answers, too many questions and one too many December’s
on a calendar that never freezes, is never late on a bill and continues on,
damn the frozen torpedoes and the godforsaken overpaid weatherman

White houses sport melting teeth of ice, dripping endlessly into the foundations of
a winter that was, that seemingly had no ending, no rhyme, no reason, no porpoise.
Flipping this middle finger.
Enough already.
Flip this world upside down to Spring, for Christ’s sake.
Sometime soon, and . . .
Make the white houses finally go away.



  1. Powerful words form a vivid imagery and display of emotions… Yeah I’m in NY and I’m Done Too!!! Stay warm :smile:

  2. This too shall pass. There is a warmth that’s underneath it all and it always wins in the end. :)

  3. winter can f-ing bite me, too… grrr… bring on the spring, damn it.

  4. Believe it or not, I get it. Your never-ending Winter sounds as trying as our never-ending Summers. Maybe I can work up a post this weekend about my early-blooming daffodils.

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