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Month: September 2010

Take a letter, Maria

One side of the story is all you will ever have.
The delusional and sordid tale of a ‘woe is me’ life neatly wrapped up in a bundle of prose can never pose as the truth, God knows the truth and that ain’t it,  mi caramelo.
You say you’ve moved past it, moved on – another little white lie because it’s between the lines that I live and breathe, the me you will never quite know.
Somehow the story keeps getting told though and I’m curious as to why.
Eye to eye, side by side, heart to heart and hand in hand will never belong here.
Instead of accepting the world for what it is, you chose to believe your fictionlized beautiful version of it.
Christ, that’s so Hollywood of you, mi caramelo.
But you know what really pisses me off sometimes?
Because it finally showed me how to move on too.
Unlike you.
Farewell, mi caramelo.


I saw Orion this morning (6:15) while retrieving the morning paper.
The constellation told me/reminded me of several things;  Autumn has arrived here in New England,
and there is one more constellation I need to see before I die [Southern Cross],
and that another year has passed and my wife is one year older.
Happy Birthday, to my always.
From your forever.
And the stars continue to sparkle.
Just like your eyes . . . [green Orion]
Love you.
See you for Indian tomorrow night . . .


Let it Be

I have decided to take the blog out of  Maintenance Mode.
If folks want to read and comment, I say let it be.
Read! Read! Read!
I will be visiting occasionally but this will be it for anything new.
For the foreseeable future anyway.
The writing is going well but getting sick last week caused a serious writing hiccup.
I’m going back to my little secret place but will pop my head in now and again.
I thank all of you for the support and good wishes.
Over and out.



Cryptic, but nuff said.
Online for one reason only.
One person only.
Please don’t ask why just say a prayer . . .


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