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The text below was a spam comment on my blog that absolutely floored me.
It went into moderation (go figure) but I decided this was not a ‘bot’
but an actual person spamming me.
A very funny person, truth be told.
Sorry to say I will not be posting any Christmas links. (boldface text=meta tags)
They commented on a post written for Sarah before she started out on her current venture.
Funny stuff.

“I’m currently being held hostage by the Russian Mafia  [-xmas, christmas, santa]-
and being beaten to post spam comments on public forums!
If you don’t approve this they will maim me. [-jingle bells, christmas music-]
They are coming back now. [-one horse open sleigh, christmas gifts, christmas music-]
Please save me! [-xmas jokes, christmas morning, christmas carol]
- :)
but seriously, just trying to make a buck.
Help me out if you know how/can.
Hope this one was at least a bit entertaining.
Original credit to a much more original hustler.”

Hells yeah!

3 thoughts on “Original

  1. i got a rather nasty comment from someone pissed off at my sanctimony regarding the relentless media coverage of the Tiger Woods extramarital affair situation.

    The comment was acidic, nasty and insulting. But pretty well written. If the bastard had left a real name/e-mail address? i think i’d have posted it.

    But this? you have found intelligent life out there in the spambot universe!

    Did you save the Woods spam?
    It could be bank on Ebay . . . :laugh:
    Tanks, DF

  2. This made LMAO.
    Damn I wish my imagination was as good as this. I also want some spam like that!
    All I ever get is offers to enlarge my penis and people trying to post Asian porn in links, neither of which grab me {are you shocked about that?? I think not…}
    Maybe we should suggest this spammer start a blog?? I’m sure it would be worth subscribing to!

    Enlarge your penis?
    Not touching that one. Literally. :hat:

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