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3 Weeks

3 weeks are winding down and I just can’t believe how fast its gone.
The biggest part of me feels sad that Maureen and Mark will be flying out on Friday afternoon,
the smaller part feels very happy that they will be going home to family and friends.
(I know, a bit selfish)
This is a picture post of some of the places we’ve seen and things that we’ve done these past 3 weeks.
Look for more pictures and many future posts about this most special of vacations for
Pamela, me and the girls.
This has been like a little slice of  heaven . . .

Yet to see . . .


  1. Whilst it may seem the time has gone fast, even if we’d been here for 3 months instead of 3 weeks, that time would have seemed to fly too.
    Each of these pictures is a seperate memory to be looked back on {and smiled about} every time we’re missing you all, which is going to be often, I already know that.
    Know that this time will be kept in our hearts and memories forever.
    Your company, your home and your family are all held inside a very deep place in our hearts.
    We love you all, and remember, the next time we see you will very, very special, and you’ll be able to cross at least one thing off your bucket list.
    Hugs and kisses from us both
    Moe and Mark

    Just think, the next time we are together I will see the Southern Cross (weather permitting)
    One check mark on my own personal ‘bucket list’
    I want these three weeks back.
    Guess I’ll have to settle for two in 2011 . . .

  2. Hello. It’s Mabel, Lumpy, JavaQueen, BellaJournal…. and now – well, you know the drill. Looks like you all are having a fantastic time and I’m really happy for you! I read the post below and would love to see a YOU TUBE of the visit :) That would make my day! Love you all much! Have some fun for me!

    We have had much fun, my dear.
    No Youtube but many memories.
    Thanks so much for the visit and stay tuned.

  3. Its crazy to think that just three short weeks ago we were running up and down the floors of logan trying to find where they were gonna be dropped off. And watching in sheer agony that their plane would never land. Why must everything always fly by when its fun?? Until next year i mean 2 years until I see their faces again, only one for you. :)



  4. It was a fantastic 3 weeks. Every picture brings back a fantastic memory even the epic fail. :smile:
    We have something very special which makes us a special family. Next when we are together it will be special again only in a different special place.


    Spot on, mate

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