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Listen for the bullwhistle

Pretty simple post.
Get here.

The blog may be a bit quiet for the next several days.
Hoping you all understand.
Will be back next week with my Akubra on.
A future youtube video is not out of the question.
Stay tuned, folks


Mark, watch out for the flying  bullwhistle . . .


  1. Have a blast, you all!

  2. Mark has decided against the head gear, he says he can duck just fine. If you can’t get him when he’s half pissed and not expecting it, you have no hope this year!!
    It’s only a matter of time now, and in fact it’s less than 72 hours before we leave Oz.
    I keep telling you honey, before you know it I’ll be blubbering all over you at Logan, and sniffing you up and down like some sort of deranged puppy.
    Get there?
    Just try and keep us away!

    We lost the damn bullwhistle anyway!!!!! :laugh:

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