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In a perfect world . . .


the echoes of goodbye,
cross a yawning chasm of fog and thought
find me sitting in this Darkroom,
the pictures of my life, languid and swirling above me

familiar fingers of blacklight penetrate me,
violating my inner walls of thought,
a fortress once impervious yet fragile, yes, once like me

galaxies of sotto voce secrets, skeletons in my locked closet
seem to drip like candle wax from the hanging pictures
the memories of my sweet by and by
they were prints I lost so damn long ago
souvenirs, as lost as I

this Darkroom embraces its secrets,
never letting go of the subtleties of the ‘why’
some things just simply refuse to let go of me
like the distant echoes of goodbye . . .


*repost of a  dark angel


  1. Goosebumps…one of those posts ~m

    the dark side coming out to play is all . . .

  2. As the echos fade
    the remnants stay
    in this darkroom they are made
    these pictures of old and grey
    we all lock the door
    for the memories toll no more
    one could say we all have hanging pictures…
    lives remain

    Beautiful piece michael

    Sometimes, you are me.

  3. Hm…..
    only here can I find head lube followed by darkrooms,
    only here can I swim in comforting surprises,
    only here are laughter and tears so tightly knit that sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint the origins and near impossible to confirm the outcomes
    (hey – still the same template!)
    only here can I find treasures like
    “souvenirs, as lost as I”
    only here am I reminded that strength can lie in vulnerability,
    the only place one needs to be at times.

    I thank you sincerely for this incredible comment.
    You have a way of making me feel artistically better than I think I really am, IMHO
    Had to change the template though. 😉
    Once again, thank you for admiring my ‘dark’ side at play . . .

  4. Ahhhhhhhh……..
    the hour glass will be missed and yet we have M. back! 😉

    Heeeeee’s baaaaack . . .
    For now, anyway

  5. your shadow shall never let you loose

    Sometimes it’s not so much the shadow that I’m worried about.
    Thanks for the visit, Oz

  6. Intriguing and unnerving, and really, really made me stop and think. Truly amazing ~m.

    My dark side at play is all.
    Not unlike tonight’s ‘Invisible’ post . . .
    Thanks, Ang

  7. Was bouncing around your blog and I came across this one. Great post in and of itself, but…..I LOVE this picture! Amazing, truly amazing. I guess even angels suffer anguish and sorrow.


    another post with questionable origins.
    No idea where it came from but I guess I’m glad it did.
    Maybe it was the peppers in the #9 from Chateau D’Angelo’s . . .
    Thanks, Smith

  8. The old comments are haunting as well…
    Thanks for posting.

    You think?
    Leave a new one kiddo.
    You’ve changed in a year as well . . .

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