What would Christopher Walken do?
I have a real hard time believing that Walken has a hard time doing anything.
Maybe transcribing chords for a Steely Dan song or playing a digeridoo but jeepers,
the guy acts, sings, and does comedy.
Not everyone likes him but I am a definite fan.
If you haven’t seen these videos (and are a Walken fan) you are in for a serious treat.
The guy amazes me from the standpoint of an artist.
If they ever come up with a ‘WWCWD’ bracelet, let me know.
I want one.

He dances too . . .

Good stuff.


4 thoughts on “WWCWD

  1. thank you for the dance video. i could watch that man dance all day long! and no human male could move like that and still be drop dead sexy!

    I am a male and I think he’s sexy! [no homo]
    The dance vid has always been a favorite of mine.
    Wanted to finally post it.
    Glad you liked it!

  2. I loved him in Pulp Fiction. Other than that, I’m not really a fan. That being said, I’m not a hater either. :)

    Almost posted a PF video.
    And no, don’t be a hater.
    Walken is too talented.
    Nice to see you bud.
    I will be by soon.

  3. There isn’t much that he does that I don’t consider “cool”.

    Well maybe those Prophesy movies…there he was just creepy.

    EDIT: Whoo-Hoo! With this comment I am now in the Top 12!

    Keep the comments coming, buddy!

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