I’ve played piano for 40+ years and one thing that’s always
pissed me up the wall is the size of my hands.
They’re incredibly small and very unlike Sergei Rachmaninoff, Dave Brubeck, Ray Garland,
McCoy Tyner, Bill Evans, George Gershwin and Charles Ives. (and I love them all)
These guys have gorilla sized hands.

Palm a basketball?
No problem.
Palm a watermelon?
Hand me that piano?
No worries.
Play a chord with more notes than the fingers on two hands?
Got more ivory?

To try and play a Garland or Gershwin tune you need about 800mgs of ibuprofen an hour
before playing so you don’t cramp up too much.
I’m serious.
Small and fast hands, the little bastard.
He was a magician and quite the sex fiend from what I hear.
Russian hands and Roman fingers.

I saw this video a while back and forgot all about it.
Tonight I am tickled pink to post it.
Interesting though that to play the Charles Ives ‘Concord Sonata’ you need several pieces of wood
cut to specific sizes and weights in order to play the piece.
I guess his hands weren’t big enough.
Enjoy this amazing and funny video.
I love it from a musical standpoint as well as a comedic statement.
This is Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C-sharp minor with much added levity.

“Small hands. But only hands small.”
I like this guy.

8 thoughts on “Rachmaninoff

  1. that’s pretty brilliant…. wonder how he’d do with Mephisto Waltz?

    Speaking from a piano playing perspective, it wouldn’t work.
    Liszt had a very different playing style than Rachmaninoff.
    Having played Liszt his technique wouldn’t have allowed it.
    Keep your eyes peeled on Youtube, though . . .

  2. That was pretty freaking awesome. It makes me wonder if some day that little girl of mine could be close to this.

    Then I remember who her daddy is – Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

    You are my favorite clown, Grimm! :laugh:

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