Malarky Monday (snkrI)

This is the first post of V 2.0 of Malarky Monday.
The chuckles aren’t going away folks but for now there will only be one blog (per week)
of the four of us that gets the nod from the cyberspacial dugout to post something absurd.
This week it’s my turn and I hope to make you chuckle or at the very least, smile.
Be sure to visit, Moe, Mark & Dilligaf for your daily dose of enlightenment.

This week is a mish-mash of things I happen to find quite funny.
Basically, a usual Malarky Monday for me.
Tune in here next week to see who’s posting the chuckles.

First up is a Chuck Norris-like kick in the proverbial muzzle of the repugnant ‘LOL Cats’
(aka, icanhazcheeseburger)
I personally love this pic . . .

Have you ever wondered why so many urban males wear their
over-sized bluejeans so goddamned low?
I have, too.
Jesus Krispies, their waistline is at the level of their knees for God’s sake.
How the hell do they not walk like penguins?
I think this picture explains it nicely, don’t you?

One .gif image for good measure;
Sodomy has never been funnier, methinks . . .

Last but certainly not least is a short video from a YouTube favorite of mine.
Check out Bad Mystic Cat . . .
(subscribe to Klaatu42 if you like these videos)

Happy Malarky Monday, folks!!!!

5 thoughts on “Malarky Monday (snkrI)

  1. Shit, the cat and the rabbit frigging destroyed me!!
    You are now responsible for the Makers on my laptop screen…had to get it off before it got sticky too!!
    As to those who wear their trousers down near their knees?
    Stick a few ice cubes in the slot and they’ll pull them up pretty damned quick I think…the imagery of that is enough to make me giggle, let alone that last pic on here!!!
    Love ‘em all, but the cat and the rabbit win hands down for me!

    It’s only taken me two freekin’ weeks to reply to this.
    Jesus Krispies . . .
    So many things in this post made me laugh but I agree with the wabbit and the kitty.
    Awesome gif. huh?
    Tanks, kiddo for the comment.
    Sowwy for my tardiness . . .

    • I think there are going to be some crabbits on the way soon. I’d like to see a cat eat a carrot.

      I have CDO too. :sly:

      I loooove ‘crabbits’
      Very creative, Kat :laugh:

  2. P.S. I thought Dilligaf was your alter-ego.

    Dilligaf is a combo of 3 bloggers, me being one.
    It is a crazy place that we need to jumpstart very soon.
    Nice to see you, Kat

  3. I must tell that the majority of the 16 or so felines that roam my outdoors are of the personality of your first pic.
    Nasty buggars.
    I also looked at some of the other videos of the guy that did the ‘Bad Mystic Kitty’ video. Classic stuff right there.

    Malarky Monday was made for ‘classics’.
    Thanks for the visit, Grimm!

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