Malarky Monday 25.4

Welcome back to Malarky Monday!
It’s a new week and a fresh post of hi-jinx and mayhem.
My female cat, Opus, has gone MIA so with that in mind I found a few pictures
that may offer some clue as to where she may be.
Yeah, she’s gone undercover for the cat Mafia.
I can just feel it.
After your visit here, please head on over to my partners in crime:


Here’s one way for a cat to infiltrate the high security
bunny compound at Easter time . . .

Is there such a thing as an Easter Lemur?
I didn’t think so.
I got a chuckle out of the picture though.
Little guy needs some eye shadow . . .

Last but certainly not least, Opus may be in the middle of a vicious turf war.
Nah . . .

Happy Malarky Monday folks!

4 thoughts on “Malarky Monday 25.4

  1. Opus undercover for the cat mafia ? More likely to be out sitting up a tree wondering what all the fuss is about down below. Love the turf war. Can see Guinness doing that.
    Well done Mate :laugh: Don’t worry Opus will come back.

  2. Love ‘em all, but the meerkats did me in…they’re the most amazing little critters, they really are.
    I had to look hard at the first one let me say!
    I’m sure Opus will be back, when you least expect it….

    Love ‘em!!!!!
    Opus is back and all is right with the world . . .

  3. OK now that Opus is back-I can laugh at your funny cat stuff!
    I do think the video is hilarious! :laugh:

    I love when she finds that place on the bed upstairs with us.
    It just seems right . . .

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