Frozen Mercy

I wrote  ‘The Frozen Man’ after listening to this song from James Taylor.
The song subject is a bit different than that of my poem but I credit JT with
the creative kick and ultimate catalyst I needed to write those words for my father.
My daughter Hannah, read ‘The Frozen Man’ in the pouring rain last Monday morning at North Cemetery.
Amidst the silence, there was nary a dry eye under the tent, especially me.
I listened to this song on my Nano tonight and got a bit misty.
I remember the day it inspired me to write the original poem for my Dad.
My deepest thanks to Yvonne for making my words
look so damn beautiful in calligraphy
(they were on display at his wake, btw)
Remembering my Dad today, who is no longer the Frozen Man.
He is finally free and I am slowly moving on . . .

4 thoughts on “Frozen Mercy

  1. echoing the words of JT: Lord have mercy on the frozen man.

    …you are such a class act, mSquared… I know your dad is proud.

    ♥ peace ♥ …

    You know much about this struggle of mine.
    Writing the words for my poem must have been difficult because I know you
    understood where I was at back then.
    A class act?
    Back atcha kiddo, back atcha . . .

  2. Blessed mercy comes to us all eventually, and it’s those around the people who need it the most who pray quietly as you did for your father.
    Your prayer was manifested in some beautiful words that deserved nothing less than they were given.

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