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Dead Roses

I have a dark side.
I know it, my family knows it, my cats know it, my funeral director knows it.
Years ago I played a club located in the middle of a major hotel.
One weekend there was a mortuary fair, if you will.
All things death related.
There were many items that piqued my interest: wound filler, blood tubes, various (uncomfortable looking) clamps,
goggles (obviously), hypo trocars, powder blowers, toe tags and my personal favorite . . .  viscera bags.
Jesus Krispies, the language of death is amazing.
Depressing, yes.
Even more so.
I dug this stuff up for any funeral director that may happen to pay my blog a visit.
This is 10 shades of whack, IMHO.
Want a sterling silver trocar pendant?
Your quest has ended. Click here .
Being a cigar smoker, I am all about the ashes.
Find me a nice cat shaped urn and I’ll be happy.



  1. there is a book called “Stiff”. right up your alley… i loved it. creepy as hell…

    My ‘medical’ daughter already has it.
    I will have to raid her bookshelf.
    Tanks, kiddo.

  2. will have to forward this to my oldest boy, who was in school for “mortuary science” but his career veered off and he circled back to the restaurant biz. he loves to cook?! i love it that you are still saying “jesus krispies!”

    miss you.

    and i miss bloggin’. perhaps i will circle back one day soon.

    love and peace ~

    Jesus Krispies, get blogging! :laugh:
    Nice to see you, Y

  3. This is just plain weird!!
    You do *know* how many one liners there are about that urn right????

    What makes you say that? :wtf:

  4. I’m hoping to be stuffed and mounted.

    Will be there for you, bud. :hat:

  5. sick sense of humor too I might add… just sick :happy:

    Me? :green:

  6. Absolutely love it!!!!

    Cool links.
    Glad you checked it out!

  7. A body bag gift bag !!??? Oh my….. :mouth:

    Cool, huh? ❓

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