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Soul Song

Got this from a close friend of Sarah’s.
It is, in a literary sense, quite haunting and spoke to me in ways unimaginable.
It was supposedly written by a 15-year-old girl.
Pretty amazing and apropos for this particular time in my life.
Thank you, Katherine.
You are, in many ways, an angel,
although you would never admit it . . .

“The soul and the body exist separately.
While the soul uses the body as a vessel to express itself,
they never truly become one.
For this reason, when one’s body passes on,
the soul does not follow.
Instead it remains living; free to wander where it pleases.
Visiting its favorite places, or doing its favorite things.
And if, while on Earth, the soul found someone so special that it wants never to leave them,
it will enter that person and continue to live.
It chooses to stay in that person.
Forever watching over them,
Protecting them,
Loving them.
Forever being with them.
Realize this, remember this, keep this with you.
Because the bodies of the ones we love will pass on,
But their souls will never die.”

*thinking about Dad and angels


  1. even though you knew it was coming, and wanted his suffering to end, i’m sure you are emotionally raw. take care, and know that you have been a good son.

  2. Wow! Incredible! Your Dad will be with you always!

  3. Daisyfae said what I was thinking – better than I could. But the words above made me remember something…when I was giving birth to my son (my only child) my doctor was of the old school and while I had received one or two shots of some kind of pain killer during labor, I was given gas (of some kind) during the delivery. Well, this gas sent me on a ‘trip.’ I don’t think I was ‘out’ long, but in my head I thought I died and I was thinking to myself, “well now I know what happens when you have a baby. You have to die and your soul goes into this baby.” I even had that tunnel effect with a bright light, when I was coming back conscious. I was coming back through the tunnel and I was hearing a baby crying and then I heard the doctor saying, “can you hear me? You have a baby boy!” When I was in the recovery room, all I could keep saying was “Man, I was on a trip!” :) Anyway…you’re blessed to have people who love you.

  4. WOW You never know where the old souls will show up do you? This 15 year old seems to have been channeling hers. Pretty perceptive point of view.

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