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Northern Lights

Having a melancholy little Wednesday afternoon here.
I’m cooking and listening to music but I don’t know . . .
No more details.
This is a song I used to play with a band I was in years ago and it evokes good memories.
I think that’s what I really need today.
And yes, I want to see the Northern Lights before I die.
It’s a definite on my bucket list . . .


  1. Memories are good things, and so is being alone now and then.
    Don’t get me started on my bucket list. It’s huge…
    Have another drink, listen to more music and kick back some more….

  2. I agree with anonymum…..nice song to kick back to!

  3. Lovely music that. It’s a reflective time, natural to have odd memories surface as I am sure so many have been stirred in the past week. Your inner self is trying to process the outer changes. Let them flow past like the music and they will sort themselves out.

    Peace out

  4. I love how music can evoke so many different emotions….that is as I sit here watching American Idol and hating every minute of Usher’s performance and….who ever the hell, this guy is. Regardless, they had to put a disclaimer up on the screen that “strobe lights will be used in the next performance.” When did this start??

  5. Your brother from another mother….I mean, John is a big Rippington fan! Great chillin’ song! Hope you’re doing okay. I hear the Northern Lights are incredible…our friends who are in Norway (Marines), just got to see them this year. I, too, have a long bucket list. But for now, it’s one day at a time…..figuring things out…being at peace…what more can we ask for? Thinking of you…all of you!

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