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Malarky Monday 25.2

Welcome to Malarky Monday!
(the *I Spy edition)
This is the one day of the week that we offer up some
of the crazy stuff we find floating around the web.
We hope to make you giggle, spit, laugh, cry until it hurts and ultimately smile.
There’s nothing here that will take a boatload of time so be sure to visit
my fellows in hijinx!


This week I ‘spied’ some serious and epic fails on the net.
Here are several leviathan food fails.
Anyone for some canned chicken?
I spy wicked disgusting.

How about a bacon rifle?
I wonder if it can fire a fried egg?
I spy a stupid guy way too proud of a pork product.

Or my personal favorite: Meat Water
Mmm, mmm, mmm
You just can’t beat the combination of ground beef and aged cheddar.
I didn’t even mention the ease of portability.
Got ketchup?
I spy a drink that’s light years away from thirst quenching.

Last but not least this hysterical cat clip.
I spy a seriously funny cat.



Happy Malarky Monday!


  1. The chicken nearly killed me!!!
    That is my absolute favourite this week! I have tears and all!
    Love the others as well, but the chicken won, hand {feathers?} down!

  2. Meat Water! Eeww-that’s disgusting! :green:
    Chicken -that’s disgusting too!
    Cat video-that’s one cool cat :smile:

  3. I’m with Pam on the Meat Water :green: …..if I’m going to have a burger I want to sink my teeth into it !!!

  4. That is one nasty Chicken reminds me of some of the Raccoon’s I’ve skinned over the years :yoiks: And meat water I want o sin my teeth into a bacon double cheeseburger w/blue cheese

  5. that chicken did me in :green:

  6. The chicken in a can looks like a Pigeon! It’s not a British product is it? :green:
    And the bacon guy is just to sick. I think the eggs would be scrambled.
    but the cat is my favorite. I can see Guinness doing that.
    well done mate great start to the week :laugh:

    I love the cat.
    And Guinness doing that?
    Yeah. We’ll have him talking up a storm by the time you guys get here . . .
    Thanks, bud

  7. Falling behind on my comments… I’m in last place! :wtf:

    Don’t worry, Enreal.
    You are doing okay in my book. :smile:

  8. Is this cheating??? :emb:

    Do apologize… hehehe

    Kinda glad I’m not eating meat anymore… this made my stomach turn… chicken soup and meat water :mouth: ewwww

    thanks for the giggle though, loved the cat

    I needed to add the cat vid so people could get over the nausea from the MeatWater. :laugh:

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