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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I will be taking the next few days off from the blog.
I have much cooking and *Irish things to do*
Found this video at YouTube and really lost it.
I’m not a big Keith Jarrett fan but he got me with this one.
(do I need to say get the headphones?)
My mother absolutely loved this song.
As do I.
And yeah, it’s a bit depressing.
But incredibly beautiful.
This video and version gave me many goosebumps.
It is emotional piano playing at its very best.
I guess it’s not odd that I still miss the corned beef and cabbage
and the woman that cooked it with much love so very many years ago.
The missing ‘her’ will never ever go away.
This one’s for you Madre . . .

tried to find this last night but I came up short.
Shamrock is a story I wrote over ten years ago that explains why this song means
so damn much to me.
Please read if you have a moment.

*drink Guinness, wear silly green stuff,
make Corned Beef and cabbage, bake soda bread and listen to Irish music



  1. I’m not going to listen to the song right now because it makes me sad and I don’t want to be sad at the moment.
    I do have very fond memories of Ginny cooking up a storm on St. Patrick’s Day.
    I vividly remember the sweatshirt that she would wear.
    It had crocheted shamrocks at the top of it.
    I am glad that you are carrying on the tradition :smile: of the corned beef and cabbage because I love it!!

    Your comment made me teary because I could ‘see’ her.
    I do miss her dearly on days like this.
    Maybe she will shine on me tomorrow and my corned beef will be incredible.
    Please listen to the song.
    Yeah, it’s sad but it’s also beautiful and Irish.
    Just like my Mom.
    (and yeah, I remember the sweater . . . )

  2. I had to wait till I came home from work to listen. Like Pam, I knew I’d be emotional and early morning was not the time. Yes, I started to cry…for so many reasons. A dear family friend passed away this past year and his son played Danny Boy on the bagpipes, at the cemetary and there wasn’t a dry eye. As you write about your Mom, I think about her kind heart. :-) That’s a happy thought!! And, Yes, I will wear silly green stuff…John will drink Guiness….I will cook corned beef and cabbage….we’ll listen to Irish music and have a wonderful day! Wishing you, Pam and the girls a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

  3. Shamrock is so beautiful!
    I remember reading it and I’m so happy that you decided to share it again on the St. Patrick’s Day!
    I bet your Mom wanted you to hear her…and sing with her.
    You’ll always have that special Irish moment…shared only by you and your Mom!

    You are one of my favorite readers, Lynn.
    Maybe it’s because we are friends.
    Either way, you understand these posts better than most and your thoughts
    on them always make me smile.
    Thank you for reading ‘Shamrock’ again.
    Know that I appreciate it.
    Have an awesome day tomorrow.
    Tell John I said ‘Bottoms up!’

  4. I haven’t listened to this yet, and the reason why will be revealed tomorrow.
    My emotions are running close to the surface, and I just know I’ll cry!
    Mind you, I’m about to go and read Shamrock so I probably will anyway, but music always hits me really hard, so I’ll wait until probably Friday if that’s ok?
    Hope St Paddys day is fabulous for you!

    No worries on the music.
    All has been revealed regarding your listening.
    I understand.

  5. I’ll have to read this tomorrow, Michael. I just can’t today. I’m waiting for today to be over. Sorry.
    I do have links on my blog to last year’s Seven Days to St. Patrick’s Day, but today I’m in denial.


    Emails traded.
    Thanks so much for the visit, Kat.
    Keep the faith.

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