• God doesn’t forget .
    He gets a bit bogged down now and then.
    It will be fine.

    • He does get a bit bogged down.
      Like now.
      Maybe it’s all good.
      I just don’t know somedays.

  • Pam is right he doesn’t forget. He does at time to us seem to get bogged down but as a best mate reminded me last holiday “Faith is a wonderful thing” It will be OK.

    • Sometimes faith is all we have.
      Maybe that’s enough.
      Thanks, Mark

  • He doesn’t forget.
    He sent you where you were needed didn’t he?

    • Always the voice of reason, my dear.
      And yes, I agree . . .
      Tanks, Moe

  • Sometimes Faith is all we have! You are so right!!! At times it is hard to remember that. Remember…you have your family and friends to help you.

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