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Supernatural Jenna

It was 20 years ago tonight that my wife elbowed me at 1:30 in the morning saying,
“My water just broke. Get some sleep.”
Get some sleep?
Yeah, right.
I called Pamela’s mom and told her to come over immediately (to watch a sleeping 3 year-old Sarah)
and it wasn’t soon after that we were changed and in my silver Datsun 210 on the way to the hospital.
It was cold as hell and my brakes were grinding to the metal.
Pamela thought we would never make it to Hannemann Hospital.
We did.
At 8:11AM (2.7.90) Pamela gave birth to our second daughter, Jenna.
Tomorrow afternoon we will have a house full of family and Jenna’s college friends
and more Chinese food than you can shake a stick at.
We will also be watching some Supernatural episodes (Jenna’s favorites, methinks)
We will basically have our own ‘Supernatural Bowl’.
Could be much better than the actual Super Bowl itself.  (no Dean)
Happy birthday, Jen.
Mom and I love you and your sisters more than you will ever know.
Have a ‘supernatural’ day, okay?
Here’s a Supernatural gag reel that you may not have seen.
See you tomorrow afternoon, kiddo.


  1. Happy 20th Birthday Jenna!!! I can’t believe you’re 20 already! Have the best day! Celebrate! Have fun!!!
    xo Lynn

  2. I’ll never forget the story of when the drove around the mall parking lot and out of the mouths of babes she was mad cause someone took grandpa’s parking space :yoiks:

  3. Happy birthday from all the way down under Jenna.
    Have a fabulous day, enjoy your Chinese and don’t forget to give the old man hell about being an old man ok?
    Would so love to be there with you!
    I know…soon!
    Happy birthday again sweetie

  4. Happy Birthday Jenna!! The big 20-cool! :hat:
    I hope you have a great day and the best year ever!
    I love you lots xxxooo Mom :love:

  5. Thanks Everyone! I LOVE that gag reel. Hysterical. See you soon :)

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