Malarky Monday 22

Monday rolls around way too quick these days.
Where did the week go?
That’s where.
Welcome to Malarky Monday!
This is the day of the week that a group of us (teh blogocracy) tries
to get you to giggle, spit, put a smile on your face or all three.
After reading my post, please visit my fellow cohorts for more Monday Mayhem.
This is ‘crazy shit’ week for me.
A potpourri of oddness and funky humor.
Sorry in advance about the f-bombs

There is nothing funnier than a cat wearing red sox.
Oh, wait a minute.
There is . . .


This is pretty much self explanatory but funny nonetheless.
Illegal downloading is a problem these days.
Still trying to download an English Bull Terrier . . .


Is this cat’s name Rocky?

And in closing a footnote to our wonderful government
(currently buried in 2ft of snow. cool, huh?)
((screw ‘em, they deserve it))



Now please visit my MM blogging buds!



  • OMFG Michael, that bloody cat nearly killed me!!
    I had coke coming out of my nose, and I couldn’t breathe!!!
    You need to have that printed and framed! Seriously!
    Couldn’t tell you how much I enjoyed these!!

    I’m having way too much fun with these Malarky Mondays.
    Now if the visitors would echo that all would be well!
    Tanks, kiddo.
    And yeah, the cat?

  • I’m late I know.
    the cats are bloody brilliant but you have to tell me where we can down load a car! :tongue:


    Still looking, bud.
    I know where we can download a woman, though . . . :laugh:

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