Malarky Monday 20

Malarky Monday seems to be coming around quicker and quicker these days.
This is the one day that ‘Teh Blogocracy’
gets together and tries to make you giggle and spit.
We’ve had some real doozies so far so if you’ve yet to jump on the Malarky Monday bandwagon, what the
hell are you waiting for?
It’s a friggin’ hoot!
Bookmark us and come back every Monday for some seriously demented fun.
For me, this Monday’s hijinx is all about the animals and pets.
They make our lives wonderful in so damn many ways.
All they ask in return is that we feed them now and again.
Here’s to whacky world of our beloved animals . . .


Good doggie . . .
(now that’s a trick to teach a dog!)


Bad doggie . . .
(when life gives you lemons, plant a flower and go on a canine diet!  Jesus Krispies!)

Good cat.
(Will somebody please give this totally awesome fatcat a can of  beer and a cigar?)
((I Love this cat! He’s a furry-beer-bellied feline version of me!!!!!))


Bad LOL Cats . . . 
(could be Mafia-related)
((These guys mean business))


Move on and visit ‘Teh Blogocracy’
The Godfather says so!






4 thoughts on “Malarky Monday 20

  1. One can but hope that last lot of cats get those other so called LOL catZ.
    Not saying one word about where the flower is!
    As to the ginger cat on the couch, well I always wondered where my 2nd husband ended up, and now I know! Seems he died and was reincarnated as furry version of his human form!!
    Sterling job my friend…sterling job!

    Malarky Monday is growing on me and I look forward to it every week.
    Hope you feel the same way.
    Thanks so much for checking out my ‘weirdness’ :mrgreen:

  2. Love the last picture-the eyes say it all.
    I’m glad that fat cat is using his paw to cover his private parts because that would be a wee bit obscene!

    Yeah, a fat cat with his junk hanging out is just not cool.

  3. I don’t remember that scene in any of the
    “Men in Black” Movies! But it is something
    Frank the pug would do. loved the real cats and yes they do look Mafia related.
    Well done Mate :laugh:

    Loved MIB . . . especially the pug.
    Awesome stuff.
    Thanks, bud

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