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Malarky Monday 19

Once again it is Malarky Monday and a chance to make you laugh and giggle.
If you don’t smile once, I will refund your visit (although I’m not sure how)
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This week is a collage of pics (some I edited) that I simply loved and made me laugh.
First up:


Poor Little Keeton
kitty loves Borat . . .

Way Too Much MSG . . .
Scorpion Bowls, too

Ever heard the phrase,
“I’ve never gone to bed with an ugly woman but I’ve woken up with a few”?
Screw the condoms, remember to bring your Postit notes.
At least you’ll remember her name in the morning.
(approx weight. opt)


Last but not least, some software that never quite made it to the market.
Or MY computer . . .



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Hooroo! (buh-bye Australian-style)





  1. Oh Michael, your poor little pussy!!
    Dat’s so sad!!
    Loved it all, but the fortune cookie nearly choked me!
    A sterling job as always my friend…thumbs up all round!

    This MM was alot of fun.
    The kitty with the cast just killed me!
    He definitely says, ‘High Five!’

  2. Well done Mate! love the little cat and I wish I had thought of Post-It notes when i was in my late teens and early twenty’s., and that is the late 70’s early 80’s as well. :hat:

    I thought the Post-it notes ad rocked.
    We did need those years ago, huh?
    Not so much these days . . . 8-(

  3. Poor little kitty. :sad:
    Post it notes! Another reason not to drink yourself into oblivion! :sick:

    Poor puuttycat.
    I agree.
    He did say, “High Five!” though . . .

  4. Word….that was funny!!!

    I’ve had that in my Photobucket for years.
    Finally got the nads to post it!

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