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Happiness Manifesto Blues


Yeah, happiness.
Somewhat elusive, yes?
Follow the flow chart above to achieve total consciousness.
And keep doing whatever you’re doing.
Or something like that . . .


  1. well, when you put it that way? d’uh! i like it!

    Awesomeness squared.

  2. Lookout happiness, here I come. 😛

    Just watch out of the badsneaker!

    .-= Peter Parkour´s last blog ..Crazy Pix: 01/06/10 =-.

  3. Sounds like a plan to me, although total consciousness could be scary in my world!

    Mine too . . .

    .-= anonymum´s last blog ..Achieve =-.

  4. It might be scary too!!!
    .-= anonymum´s last blog ..Achieve =-.

  5. hmmm, should I point out that the chart is missing an arrow? Probably not.
    Looks like I have some catching up to do. :)

    Catch up. kiddo!
    And find that arrow!!!!!

    .-= Lolly´s last blog ..HAPPY HALLOWEEN! =-.

  6. Crummy day at work with messed up computers.
    I’m not happy! :wtf: ?


  7. LOL! I need that flow chart in poster form. Good stuff!

    Buy lots of coloured ink and bigass sheets of paper.
    You should be all set!

  8. No wonder I’m always feeling dizzy! :tongue:

    Me, too.

    .-= LupusRanting´s last blog ..Snow Day =-.

  9. Could it really be that simple? I wish

    Nah . . .

    .-= PiedType´s last blog ..Late night talk; here we go again =-.

  10. if only it was this simple… ❓ wait ❓ perhaps it is!!

    If only . . .

    .-= enreal´s last blog ..Destined Fall =-.

  11. I like flow charts. That’s a good one!

    Knew you’d like it, mate

    .-= MarkD60´s last blog ..This will bore you to tears =-.

  12. Change something OR Keep doing what you’re doing……..It’s Simple!

    I’m always changing something . . .
    Tanks, kiddo

  13. Very simple logic yet very big impact on someone’s life.

  14. Love it! We must follow that flow. Might give a good feedback to everybody.

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