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I have no clue as to where the year went but it went and here we are.
As you embark on many new journeys and adventures,
I wish all of you peace and much love in the coming year.
2010 holds many things, some expected and some not so much.
What the year holds for me is anyone’s guess.
I see good and I see some bad.
That’s life I guess.
For all that have visited and commented here over the past year,
I thank you from the bottom of my sock.
Somehow ‘my heart’ doesn’t seem quite deep enough.  😉
Happy New Year!


and yes, this post is up at 9AM E.S.T  
Why, you ask?
It’s New Years Day in Australia right now!

Last Chance


Back in November I posted THIS.
Many replied and many said they wanted in.
Interest lacked and we are now heading into a new year.
Not much time left if you want to garner a prize (if that’s what you want to call it)  :mrgreen:
Anonymum, Lolly & Lynn are the top three contenders.
(I am close to Lynn but would never give myself a prize for my own lame comments)
Comment folks!
Troll my archives and comment!
Just a bit of kick ass inspiration is all.
Come back tomorrow morning for some fireworks!

Malarky Monday 16

Malarky Monday will be back next week.
Moe and Mark have been in Sydney since last weekend making it tough for
a Monday post.
Hopefully, this video will suffice until then.
Happy Malarky Monday, folks!


ps. got some fireworks going off here on Thursday night.
Be sure to check it out!


23 years ago today, a very special little girl came into our lives.
I’ve always loved this song and dedicate it to my Sarah.
Love you always, kiddo.
And yeah, Thad Jones rocks.


Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

After I hit the ‘publish’ button on this post I will be away
from the blog I so love for a little bit.
I have so many wonderful things to cook for the holidays over the next few days
that I will have no time to sit down and visit here.
I want to wish each and every person that visits a wonderful Christmas filled with
all the things you’ve come to know and love over the years.
I pray that broken hearts can be somehow mended, shattered spirits can be lifted,
a little grace can be restored and that
at least one person finally finds the true meaning of the holiday.
May God bless all of you.
Thanks for reading here.
I leave you with one of my favorite renditions of a Christmas classic.
And have yourself a Merry Little Christmas . . .

Malarky Monday 15

It is that time once again to put on your laughbag.
It’s Monday!
Short post for me today as I’m a bit sore from shoveling and snowblowing.
We had a snowstorm last night that dropped 8″ of the white stuff.
Yes, it will be a white Christmas here in Boston.
Without further ado.
Please watch and laugh and visit the other Malarkers where there’s always
something good!

Does anyone really like fruitcake?
As Jim Gaffigan says, “Fruit, good, cake, great . . .  fruitcake? Nasty crap.”

Off you go now!


Christmas Morning

To my wife . . .
(and in a small way to a  very dear friend from Cape Cod ’09.  Do you remember?)

1,001 words

In two words, it sucks.
I was quite moved by this picture.


Maybe it’s a sign of survival, of anguish,
of the frightening realization that mortality does exist in the deepest recesses of the mind.
Maybe it’s a sign that everything is still changing,
still in that near frozen state of flux . . .
For him, for me, for the four walls that still imprison him,
for a world that looks to him as confusing today as it did several hundred yesterdays ago.

Maybe it’s not a sign at all but a palpable gesture that while he sleeps,
this ravenous disease does not; it always wants more.
It replaces what it takes with something barely recognizable, something dark and foggy,
something you never want to talk about around the coffee table but remains forever.
Sometimes this thing just takes.
And takes . . .

Maybe it’s a sign that he is tired, fed up with playing the host,
sick of food that looks like pureed shit put through a strainer that he has to try and swallow.
Banana Crème Pie should never look like soup.
But it does.
And that’s a crying goddamn shame.
His mother was a pastry chef, Christ in a sidecar.

Maybe someday I will look back at this point in time and have a moment of revelation
but I’m not betting on it.
If this disease has taught me anything it’s not to get caught up in any kind of emotional gambit.
It’s a losing proposition at best.
So maybe it is a sign.

For my father maybe it’s a sign that simply says ‘stop’ . . .

Malarky Monday 14

Amazing how fast a week goes these days.
It is once again Malarky Monday and the day we try to tickle your funny bone.
We are excited this week to have a new addition to MM in Diligaf.
Be sure to visit these crazy folks and troll their short list of archives.
Word on the street is that this week’s offering is outrageous.
Some awesome and hilarious stuff to be found there even though the blog is relatively young.
Anywhoo, have a blast with my finds this week.

First up is a very short commercial for Danier Leather.
I just love everything about this video (especially the brunette in the slinky dress)
Crank the sound for a great blues tune as well.
And be sure to watch to the very end.

And cats will be cats.
Even at Christmas . . .

And dogs will be dogs doing what they naturally do.
Even at Christmas . . .
Hey, at least the tree is taken care of.

And finally I thought I would help you out with some last minute email cards.



for the Top 5 funniest.

Now, please hop on your cyberspatial sleigh and visit my partners in crime:




Happy Malarky Monday, folks!

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