Malarky Monday 12

This week it’s all about jpegs.
Jpeg Mania, if you will.
Welcome to another Malarky Monday where we all get a chance to tickle your funny bone
and expand your views of the wonders of the internet.
For me, it’s about pictures this week.

The opposite of fast food:

fast food, cheeseburgers

A sad and horrible truth:

gas guzzler, Pepsi, Shell

The truth about abduction:

aliens, abduction, UFO's

A truth you never want to stumble upon in the old box of VCR tapes:
*you never looked at Uncle Bill quite the same way after seeing him in a Catwoman costume)

sex, funny

And last but not least, speaking of StumbleUpon . . .
This little gem was sent to me by Moe as she knows and understands my total addiction and love of SU.
It’s always just one more click . . .

StumbleUpon, internet

Please visit my fellow compadres of all things funny, weird and wonderful!!!!!




Gem *will she or won’t she?   :mrgreen:

And don’t forget about the CONTEST!
Comment often!


  • She did!!!!!!!

    ROFL at your jpeg fest. I love the turtle, it looks like a Victorian collar made out of lettuce :)

    • A Victorian collar?
      I love that.
      A turtle with style . . .
      Just bring me the damn burger, okay? :lol:

  • Sad when blondie beats me to comment isn’t it???
    Love love love the turtle!!! I spat coke everywhere!!!
    I’ll never hear the words beef jerky again without thinking of little green men either!
    As for the SU pic, the minute I found it thought of you over your laptop late at night thinking…just 1 more can’t hurt!!
    Your jpeg fest was a wonderful inclusion ~m.
    Well done, as always….
    .-= anonymum´s last blog ..Malarky Monday =-.

    • I was amazed that Gem beat you to it!
      You never know about that girl . . .
      As far as SU, guilty as charged. :mrgreen:

  • Fresh Sushi! yum yum! The video might be a bit over the top? Naw just kidding. Bloody brilliant mate.
    .-= Burnie´s last blog ..Malarky Monday =-.

    • Over the top?
      Don’t think so. :wink:
      Looking for some good Tiger Woods footage for next week!

  • With my roots coming from West Virginia you are hitting a little close to home with that video there…

    And thanks for unintentionally getting me addicted to StumbleUpon. Now if you wonder why I don’t post for a month – you will know why.
    .-= Grimm´s last blog ..Malarky Monday =-.

    • An old joke:
      Q:What’s the difference between Virginia and West Virginia?
      A: In Virginia, Moosehead is a beer. In West Virginia, it’s a misdemeanor.
      Hoping you get some mileage out of that.

  • I wanna eat that turtle, where can I get me one?

    • I’ll look into that for you, bud.

  • That’s kind of how I move after eating a Red Robin cheeseburger!

    • Sorry.
      I agree.
      Your ass still looks okay though . . .

  • 1. Love the turtle……..’slow food’
    2. Don’t love beef jerky, but love the cartoon
    3. You are so full of marlarky, on this marlarky Monday!

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