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Texting while driving

The following is a Public Service Announcement that was done in the UK.
It is graphic, violent and bloody.
I post this for anyone with children driving these days.
I have three daughters and they will undoubtedly watch this.
If it saves one life, it will have been well worth the post.
And if you think for one minute that this isn’t happening, you are KIDDING yourself.
Talk to your children.
God only knows how much I love mine.
Technology giveth and technology taketh away.
Please don’t let it be the latter.
Please view this video with caution.


  1. I’ve seen this before. I hope it stays with the kids as long as the comparable film (“Signal 30”) I was shown 50 years ago stayed with me.

    I had to post it because I’ve witnessed it so damn many times.
    Quite scary, actually.

    .-= PiedType´s last blog ..Getting snarky on Shuster =-.

  2. I probably won’t watch it. I can imagine.
    Instead I’ll pray that you and yours are protected, especially when you get a bad case of the stupids (as we all do at some time.)

    I’ll take the prayers anytime, Lolly.
    You’re a peach.

    .-= Lolly´s last blog ..Bobby Blue Ingenue – UPDATED =-.

  3. There should be more of this on the telly.
    It can’t be rammed home too hard, or too much

    Agreed, as usual :mrgreen:
    We’re two peas in a pod, aren’t we?

    .-= anonymum´s last blog ..Malarky Monday =-.

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