Malarky Monday 5

It’s Malarky Monday once again.
And off we go . . .

Sometimes it’s all about the dancing.
Check out this 20 year old bird named Frosty.
Personally, I think he needs a pair of Wayfarers 8-)

Here’s a hopeful picture

How about a totally useless product?

or one that’s just plain weird
(faith enhancing breath spray?)

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Morky &

4 thoughts on “Malarky Monday 5

  1. LMFAO at that bird!
    What a little head banger he is!!!
    And I hope it’s not Batman actually!
    That last one has me shaking my head though..WTF??
    Nice additions ~m…well done!

    This one came out pretty good.
    The bird kills me.
    And he has more rhythm than many people I know . . .

  2. I love that dancing bird! He sure has rhythm.
    Who puts fish in the bathtub?
    That’s just gross.

    Who puts fish in the bathtub?
    Not sure but it’s better than mice, huh? :mrgreen:

  3. I LOVE THAT SONG! One of my favorites from the Blues Brothers. Good choice.

    Good tune, huh?
    melikes, as well.
    Tanks, kiddo

  4. The bird cracked me up! :D

    I had no idea minty fresh breath could get you closer to God… I’ve had it wrong all these years. ;)

    That killed me. I fell out of my chair laughing.
    How pathetic.
    And there is some schmuck that would buy it.
    There’s one born every minute.

    .-= Mrs. V´s last blog ..Blessed Are Those… =-.

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