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In a perfect world . . .

this is just sick.

I found this floating around YouTube and had to share it.
With a bit of preparation this recipe could conceivably work.
I have yet to try it but I will . . .
Have no fear.
Stay tuned.
I really like Alton Brown.
Try his One Minute Eggplant.
Good God . . .


  1. It is true that he cooked it in under a minute but how long did it take to prepare all the ingredients?

    I would say that this dish would take me at least 2 days to get everything that is needed and to chop it all up.
    Then again, I ‘m a slow cooker. HA!HA! I crack myself up!

    You’re a slow cooker, alright . . . :mrgreen:

  2. I noticed neither one of them tasted it! What does raw eggplant taste like?


    tastes like chicken.
    You had to ask? 😆

    .-= Burnie´s last blog ..Still More Failures =-.

  3. A minute? Hmm…I have my doubts that it’s not raw…not sure I’d be game to take a bite…can you imagine half raw eggplant???

    You don’t like Baba Ganoosh so you definitely wouldn’t like this.
    And yes, as thin as this is sliced, it is cooked. I love it.
    One day, Maureen, one day . . . you will try and like. (Why you no lye?)

    .-= anonymum´s last blog ..Looking to expand =-.

  4. Your title had me too scared to watch it, at first. I figured he was cooking up, uh….something you don’t normally eat. But since you said you would try it, I decided to watch.
    I’ll bet it’s pretty good. I’m like Pam, though, no telling when I’d get around to getting everything acquired and sliced and purged and de-seeded? yeah, right.

    Alton Brown makes beer, for God’s sake! End of story.
    His eggplant?
    I will make this and report back.
    btw- the purple hat? All mine . . . tanks, kiddo. (feels nice on my bald noggin, too!)

    .-= Lolly´s last blog ..Delightful Surprise =-.

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