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I remember Bobby Minara

Robert Minara, 9/11, World Trade Center, firefighters, NYC

Bobby Minara was a firefighter in Manhattan.
Ladder Company 25.
On September 11, 2001, he was 54 years old and almost ready to retire.
I found the next little snippet online from a woman named ‘Rita’ that knew the family.

The last time I was with Bob was July of 2001.
Bob and Paula and my brothers Tom and Mike were all together to celebrate the baptisim of my daughter’s triplets, John, Michael, and Thomas.
He was his usual happy self and he had
three shirts from the firehouse for the boys (they still wear them).
Bob was going to retire in September and I remember Paula telling us she had a “sick feeling” and she wished he would leave now.  Bob laughed and said “I’m 54, how can I retire “He felt guilty”.
I’ll always remember that day.”

Intuition is a scary thing sometimes.
I wondered how many people had a ‘feeling’ that morning 8 years ago.
From what I’ve been able to find on the web,
Bobby was a regular guy with family and friends that loved him.
He died in the line of duty at the World Trade Center.
In researching this post, I was horrified at the number of firefighters and emergency personnel that perished.
I found the picture for this post on Google and could only assume that the memorial stone is near Ground Zero
or the firehouse.
When I visit NYC next year, I plan on finding the stone if only to say a short prayer
for the man I am paying tribute to today.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Minara family today as I know this nightmare will
never end for them.
Bobby died doing what he’d done his entire life – helping a total stranger to safety.
May God bless this unsung hero and give solace to all the hearts that he left behind.
In closing, I found a quote from a firefighters remembrance page.
It was quite simple and I could almost hear Bobby saying it:

“If my job was easy, a cop would be doing it.”

Rest in the arms of the angels, RM
Thank you for keeping us safe.

(I hope I haven’t offended anyone using his nickname  ‘Bobby’. I used it with the utmost respect.)

Click here for my 2006 tribute to Amy Jarret, a stewardess on United Airlines Flight 175.

Special thanks to Dale for keeping this thing going with his undying focus.
There’s a very special place in heaven for you, my man.


  1. Time goes by and we tend to forget about the individuals that were so brave to go into those buildings to rescue the people who were inside. They just went and did their job.
    They tried their best to save others.I know that God has a special place for them in heaven
    I pray that the Lord has given enough strength to all the people that they left behind to be able to go on.I hope that they could have some happiness back.
    Thank you for taking the time to remember this firefighter Robert Minara.

    Your comments always blow me away.
    Thank you, my Pamela.

  2. Thanks, Michael.

    The very least I could do for this hero.

  3. Just wonderful…if more people took the time to remember these poor souls, they would live forever.
    As Pam pointed out, there is a special place people such as these go…
    Now I have 2 to remember by name…
    Well done Michael….

    You are Australian and chose to throw your Akubra in the ring.
    I am honored and proud to say you are my friend.
    Can’t say that about many Americans.
    Thank you for your kind words and your tribute.
    The USA thanks you.

    .-= anonymum´s last blog ..Rememberance =-.

  4. Bobby was a shipmate of mine on the heavy cruiser USS Boston; we made her last Vietnam deployment in 1969, then put her out of commission in 1970 – we were both in 10th Division – Missile Fire-Control. I remember him as a happy-go-lucky, hard-working guy.

    I moved to Maine after retiring as a Cop – from a rough and tumble city just south of Chicago. Thank God for Men and Women of the likes of Bobby…..

  5. Dedicated to my brother-in-law Bob Minara

    I thank you so much for sending this to me.
    I did this post honoring him simply because he did his job that day.
    He is a hero to me, although I’m sad to say I never met him.
    Thanks again for commenting. I really appreciate it.

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