Get There

A quick post for Maureen and Mark who will be leaving us tomorrow afternoon bound for home.
This post is more emotional for me than you could ever believe.
Thank God it’s not live on YouTube.
From Pamela, Sarah, Jenna, Hannah, Jon and me . . . Godspeed on your trip back home.
Know that there will always a ‘home away from home’ for the both of you right here.
We don’t want to let you go but sadly, we must.
Two weeks ago, the song in my head was ‘Get Here’ but now I’m thinking it should be ‘Get There’,
back to Oz where your hearts and souls live.
Thank you for your love, your stories, your hearts, your incredible ability to make us laugh
(and take the piss out of us) and your endless Aussie generosity.
Pamela and I are gobsmacked and so incredibly blessed.
Might take a while but We’llberightmate . . . until the next time anyway.
Love you both to bits . . .

ps. light the candle, Maureen  ;)
pps. I’ll keep on working on the G’day . . .

2 thoughts on “Get There

  1. Why was I not surprised to see a note on my laptop this morning?
    Never has it been so hard to say goodnight as it was last night knowing it was the last time I could?
    I simply cannot verbalise what this week has meant to both of us, but I think {hope} you know.
    We thank you for both the week, and the post, from the bottom of our hearts
    {thank gawd for tissues is all I can say}
    I still have one little surprise up my sleeve though.
    You need to do some visiting when you get back from the airport my friend.
    p.s Will let you know about the candle. I promise..
    {{{hugs}}} for you sunshine….

    It was funny sitting at the kitchen table on our laptops because I knew exactly what you were thinking.
    I kept thinking, “I wish the hell she would go to bed so I can do this post!” lol
    So glad you stayed.
    I miss you, Moe.
    Gmail chat on the deck very soon. ;)

    .-= anonymum´s last blog ..So much to say, and no idea where to start! =-.

  2. ~m
    Sorry I haven’t been twittering and missed the invite to meet your friends Maureen and Mark. I can tell it was as special as you were expecting it would be. I have a feeling there will be a next time (or many more times). I would love to meet them. Wishing them a safe trip home!
    Thanks! :-)

    They made it home safe and sound.
    There will be a next time . . .

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