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Kinda hard for me to believe this guy did ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ in 77.
I didn’t listen to him then but I’m sure as hell listening to him now.
This blew me away.
Gun control for the masses.
Every single goddamned day another constitutional right gets thrown in the
shitter by these bureaucratic boneheads.
Republican & Democrat.
How do you spell bullshit?
I love Nugent in this interview.
Rock on, dude, rock on


  1. Oh, good, he showed some self-control. I like his common sense – but did you know he has a thing against keyboards? :)

    Common sense? Ya think?
    I didn’t know about his bone with keyboards.
    What’s up with that?
    I still like the guy either way.
    Nice to see you, Lolly

  2. Yo Michael:

    KabOOm! I like ’em dead too.


    So very nice to see you, my friend.
    Phil says ‘hi’

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