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Twitter God

I follow many people on Twitter and one of them is the writer Jonathan Carroll.
Although most of his tweets are of quotes and interesting life observations he
occasionally will post a link to a website he’s found that interests him.
Being a big JC fan I inevitably follow his links.
I consider Carroll to be an incredibly creative man and am usually glad I clicked on
one of his recommended links.
Today was no exception and this site has stayed with me all day.
Click on the picture above to visit a site called ‘Dear God’.
As Carroll says in his Twitter, he doesn’t know if the site is interesting or creepy.
I found it to be much more than that, personally.
Follow Carroll on Twitter.
He is an amazing man.
Maybe he uses Stumbleupon to find these sites but I am forever entertained and enlightened.
This site is a bit intense.
Forearmed is forwarned.


  1. Quite the link ~m…most interesting, and that was at first glance, will look a little more when my eyes will stay open longer….
    Have added to my following list too BTW….

    Cool on adding JC.
    He’s quite the Twitter addict.
    Some great stuff.

  2. Wow, M! That was AWESOME! I am so glad you directed me to it. Thanks so much, my dear friend.


    Glad you checked it out.
    I found it fascinating, albeit a bit sad . . .

    Poetikat’s last blog post..Original Poetry Sunday: Entry #2

  3. Holy crap Michael, that is some intense stuff there.
    If I run out of things to pray for- I’ll know where to go for inspiration.
    So many broken hearts, so much pain, I can understand why you are drawn to it, there is an aching need exposed.

    be rested and well

    Holy Crap is right, KLC
    And yeah, misery loves company, yes?
    Thanks so much for the visit.

  4. Wow, so much sadness there! Thanks for sharing though! Hope this finds you doing OK. Sorry for not being around much, been dealing with a lot of health issues here lately. BIG HUGS to you!

    Look through some of the other more inspirational pages.
    Some great stuff.
    Hope all works out with you.
    Be well

    Marti’s last blog post..The Whine Flu

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