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Between the Sheets

I’ve been thinking about starting a website called Shitter that’s based on Twitter.
It’s all about sharing information.
The gist of it is that you update your status from the can.
It would be all text because you just don’t bring a laptop into the bathroom.
A sleek mobile application called ‘Poopdeck’ would be nice though.
When someone enters the ‘deck’ you would hear a toilet flush
and when someone ‘sheets’ . . .  well, you get the idea.
There’s an endless list of apps that would work as well:
Shitteroo (for the folks in Australia), SweetShit, ShitStain,
ShitHead, HolyShit, Shiterator, Shits Like Me, TopSheet,

Shubble (used in times of gastrointestinal distress), Sheetburner, Loud Sheeter, ShitterMeThis, SheetShots, ShitKit, Shitbook, ShitterPhone, ToughShit
and Shwapper (can’t figure out what I’d use that for but I know I’d need it eventually)
There would be funny sheets, nasty sheets, bad sheets and sexy sheets.
Maybe even badly needed sheets after a Saturday night out on the town
getting wrecked. Beer-induced sheets and painful sheets, Shitter would have it all.
My favorite app would be GeoShit, a cool tracking program that tells you
where you left your last sheet.
The truth of the matter is that some very deep thinking is done when you’re
steaming one through the hoop and that needs to be addressed.
Problem is that someone already owns the URL. Truth.
Guess it’s back to the drawing board for me to check out some new shit . . .


  1. Room for a “Shart” app? when you are only thinking about a sheet, but accidently post one anyway? Just a little one…

    thanks for the chuckle! this was fun!

    Shitter made me post in my pants! 😆
    Glad you liked the post.
    I laughed my own ass off just writing it.
    Funny what a drive into Boston can inspire, huh?

  2. Where in the world is Michael’s brain? rofl

    Not thinking about serious stuff that’s for sure. :mrgreen:

    .-= PiedType´s last blog ..Currently testing my patience … =-.

  3. My dear hubby- you have got to get some sleep for that brain of yours.
    You’re getting loopy!

    Going to bed after I answer all my comments, dear . . . 😉

  4. What have you been smoking ? :mrgreen:

    ShitterWeed. What else?

    .-= Gerry´s last blog ..The Five Rules for Twittering =-.

  5. Or is it just a case of too much rumswizzle ? 😉

    Swizzle is for puny, birdy, gurly men!

    .-= Gerry´s last blog ..The Five Rules for Twittering =-.

  6. It’s time you shared whatever it is you’re taking ~m, cos it must be good!
    Or perhaps deliriously tired, one too many beers? All of the above?
    Well, whatever it is, keep doing it, because this was freaking hysterical!!!

    I was leaving for work on Sunday morning and absentmindedly mentioned my strange idea regarding ‘’
    The family snickered as they know I am not a well man. :mrgreen:
    I wrote the post in my head driving to Boston and posted when I got to work.
    Guess there was a reason I left almost an hour early, huh?
    Tanks, Moe

    .-= anonymum´s last blog ..A baby is due, and voting is happening =-.

  7. You DO know about, right? RIGHT?

    BTW meet the owner of Coming soon to a backstreet peepshow near you.

    Soft, hot and smelly. And brown. Noice.
    How apropos . . . :mrgreen:

    .-= raincoaster´s last blog ..Banksy in Bristol =-.

  8. ~Toot Toot~

    Nice tone. 😉

  9. that’s hilarious!

    or as I say, ‘HellHairyAss’!
    Tanks, Cas.
    So very nice to see you.

    .-= Cas´s last blog ..Some times you just need to see it done =-.

  10. Can I take some credit here for inviting you to twit in the first place? (Of course then I got off the pot and went back to the real world.)



    You get full credit for creating a monster.
    My wife is hooked now too . . .
    You are a Twitter pusher . . . 😉

    .-= Poetikat´s last blog ..Okay, so I lied. Check this out! =-.

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