• Nope, no questions.

    PiedType’s last blog post..The right to reply

  • Nope…..

  • No questions here. Powerful statement.

    Deborah’s last blog post..Flash Fiction: Secrets From the Other Side

  • Yes. I have a question: why do people still make the wrong choice?

    Nail, meet head.
    Thanks, Dolce.
    So very nice to see you

    Dolce’s last blog post..Falling in love with madness

  • No questions here! I think there are a lot of people who should read this post. Many still don’t get it!

    Amen, Lynn, no one gets it.
    Depressing, huh?

  • For some perverse reason the old bit by Sam Kinnison comes to mind.

    The cameraman definitely had a meatball sub, The bastard . . .

    Evyl’s last blog post..Fuck You Haiku: Fuck Your Dog

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