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In a perfect world . . .

booK of liarS

I close my eyes
trying to dream of something better than this
anything true, a slightly bruised honesty would do
Maybe it’s because nothing feels safe anymore

So I close my eyes
and dream of distant Norwegian lilies
of beautiful and colourful things, the slumbering truths of my past
Although nights of black rain are making it so hard to sleep

But I close my eyes
And dream of opening them to the tragedy of a bleeding truth;
that life is never quite what it appears to be
to these sad and sleepy eyes of mine
And that innocence can only be found caught between the teeth of angels . . .


  1. Wow, this one IS deep! I read it a couple of times….stepped away and came back to read it again. It’s very touching, though. Beautiful! Emotional! Sad! Isn’t it wonderful when writing can touch so many emotions? Don’t ever stop writing, my friend!

    The pen never leaves my hand.
    Or so it seems.
    Makes sleeping hard though . . .

  2. That scared the bejesus out of me, dammit.

    My writing isn’t meant to scare, my dear.
    I hope I didn’t frighten you too bad . . .

    Lolly’s last blog post..Is it Spring yet?

  3. Yeah, boy, you deserve a good night’s sleep tonight. :) Although….the above may be proof of the best coming from….the worst?
    And…what Annie said.

    I do deserve a good night’s sleep.
    Maybe tonight . . .

    Lolly’s last blog post..Is it Spring yet?

  4. Amazingly written. I wish I knew why it has touched me so. The images I see are so clear, and that last line just seals the deal.

    What a gift you have! :)

    You rock, MrsV
    That it touched you is quite enough.
    Thank you so much.

    Mrs. V’s last blog post..“Here’s my card”

  5. Goosebumps, shivers and tears….

    Hey, that’s the name of my new cologne! 😉
    Thank you, Moe.
    Much appreciated.

    anonymum’s last blog post..Love and sadness surround me today

  6. “caught between the teeth of angels.” Did you think that up? That’s a phrase I would never dream up.

    Yes and no.
    Jonathan Carroll wrote a book many years ago called, From The Teeth Of Angels.
    The phrase was resting somewhere in the recesses of my brain and finally chose to come out.
    So, no, it wasn’t entirely me.
    Read some Jonathan Carroll if you haven’t yet.
    The man is simply incredible.

    Lolly’s last blog post..Is it Spring yet?

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